Friday, June 25, 2021

Another Reason to Remove Patterson: She Wants to Force a RINO Endorsement for Governor

Dear CAGOP Board:

 Another reason for seeking the resignation of current chairwoman Patterson is that for the second time in as many months, she is seeking to push a rash, rapid endorsement for governor via a small committee of delegates instead of respect the will of the entire CAGOP state party delegation.

This is outrageous. This is monstrous. This is also illegal, a flagrant violation of state party by-laws. Of course, the state party leadership has been violating by-laws in considerable fashion, including the sudden appointment of 20+ delegates via Central Committee spots in the Los Angeles County GOP Central Committee.

SHAME on you, Jessica Patterson. SHAME!

There must be NO ENDORSEMENT for any candidate until every delegate in the California Republican Party state delegation has a chance to vote. And that includes ME.

I do not endorse Kevin Faulconer, and I never will. We need a real candidate who will pick the right fights but not kick the Republican Party base in the face. We need someone who respects what Trump accomplished and embrace his populist reforms, but establish his own name and play his own game; a canndidate who is not riding on easy consultant cash money, or the ready greed of a number of consultants who have become delegates to the state party.

Without any reservation, I am instructing the five delegates whom I appointed not to support Faulconer either, in part because of these endorsement shenanigans, in larger part because he is just another Democrat in RINO clothing.

I am so tired of this. I have been a Republican since I registered to vote at the tender age of 18. I refuse to stand by and let the state party be led into such a shameful shambles of irrelevance and ill-advised illegitimacy. John C. Fremont did not launch the Bear Flag Revolt to see such idiocy reign supreme.


No forced endorsements!

Patterson, Step Down!

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