Saturday, June 12, 2021

Failure of Zoomer "Conservative" Populism: "Sex Should Be Illegal"

 This is a serious policy position from a Zoomer populist:


This is the answer to the culture wars? Make sex illegal?

Even if this were a joke, it's not very funny or enlightening.

When does this madness cease?

I understand that a growing number of Zoomers, many of whom are embracing more conservative, nationalist, and populist beliefs want to take a stand for the culture wars and help win this fight.

However, these kinds of spasmatic, sporadic spouting-off sentiments are not going to help.

If younger generations want to be taken seriously in the fight for the United States, to Make America First, they need to do a better job of crafting real policy positions and shape the culture.

You cannot shape the culture by tweeting all day, and putting out ludicrous ideas like "sex shouldbe illegal."

Cut the crap, kids, and get real!

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