Friday, June 18, 2021

Downey City Council: Reject PRIDE Flag, Celebrate the Community as a Whole

Dear Downey City Council:

My name is Arthur Schaper, and I am the Organization Director for MassResistance.

For the last three months—and ongoing—our activists and their contacts and supporters in the city of Downey have been contacting you to reject all of this LGBT promotionalism.

It is sickening and disgusting that the city council insists on pandering to another so-called minority, aka a sexual minority. The latest attempt, a discussion about flying the PRIDE Flag at city hall, is deeply offensive.

According to common law, natural law, and even proper constitutional law, there is no such thing as a “sexual minority.” Just because there is a smaller group of people who engage in certain behaviors, that does not mean that those individuals constitute another “minority.” I must remind this council that there are no ex-blacks, or ex-Cubans, but there are ex-gays and former transgenders. Their very existence proves that the whole LGBT movement is based on a lie, i.e. that people are “born that way,” and therefore that group should receive special celebrations and treatment.

Furthermore, I must remind the city council that the whole PRIDE month hagiography is based on a lie. The Stonewall Riots in 1969 had nothing to do with New York City police officers harassing peace-loving homosexuals and transgenders trying to enjoy a drink in a seedy bar. The Stonewall Inn was a notorious mob bar, and that bar was not paying their liquor license fees. For that reason, the bar endured one raid after another because of their failure to comply with New York City’s municipal codes.

So let’s dispense with the politically correctness nonsense that PRIDE Month or LGBT Month is somehow worthy of celebration.

Furthermore, it is indeed quite ironic that LGBT activists like Councilman Trujillo want to flaunt their gayness and have a picnic, a resolution, and a flag ceremony to celebrate their perversion, yet numerous residents have informed me that when he was running for city council last year, he never once brought up his sexual preferences. Now, after getting elected, he wants the whole world to know about his sexual conduct. This more or less holds true for Councilwoman Alvarez, as well.

This whole LGBT promotionalism is just so despicable. It is wrong for politicians to push their narrow agenda onto a city, when they had campaigned for office by pledging to deal with local bread-and-butter issues like street repair, public safety, and security for the business environment in the city.

Homosexuality and transgenderism should not be promoted in any city. Just because a number of government entities have caved to this agenda does not mean that Downey should do the same. Downey residents called on the school board to reject the sexually explicit, pro-LGBT sex-ed curriculum “Teen Talk.” Residents are now speaking out against the further promotion of LGBT themes and ideologies in city hall, as well.

The city must not promote behaviors, identities, and ideologies that are harmful to the individual and to the community as a whole. Homosexual conduct leads to an average decline of 20% in the lifespan of individuals. Transgenders struggle with a staggering 41% suicide rate, and in even the most LGBT affirming countries. There is a growing opposition to LGBT promotion and domination in the public square, as witnessed in a recent USA Today poll (Click here)

Last of all, the city needs to stop promoting narrow special interests and distinct segments of the city population at taxpayers’ expense, and at the expense of constitutional unity. For example, the Greek-American community hosts their annual celebrations on their own dime. Why do LGBT activists think that they have a right to city funds to promote their destructive behaviors in the community? As a reminder, people are born with a certain ancestry or ethnicity—but they are not born gay or born in the wrong body.

The Downey City Council should demonstrate its true commitment to unity and civic harmony and reject the hoisting of a PRIDE Flag or any other narrowly tailored banner. The only banners which should fly over city hall are the American Flag, the California Flag, and the POW “You Are Not Forgotten” Flag.


Arthur Schaper

Organization Director


To all readers and visitors, please contact the Downey City Council and urge them to reject flying the PRIDE Flag at Downey City Hall.

Here is their contact information:

Claudia Frometa

(562) 904-7274

Blanca Pacheco

(562) 904-7274

Sean Aston

(562) 904-7274

Catharine Alvarez

(562) 904-7274

Mario Trujillo

(562) 904-7274

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  1. This is the biggest crock of self-important, ignorant, sesquipedalian, cockamamie bullshit I’ve ever read. So yeah let’s dispense with the political correctness, you fucking retard. You talk about the increase in suicide in homosexuals and transgender individuals, without taking into consideration how those particular individuals are treated by their own families and society as a whole. Pride month is not about celebrating a sexual minority (as your ignorant ass puts it). It’s about showing people within that community that it’s ok to be homosexual, that it’s ok to be queer, or transgender. That even though their own family and community might turn their back on them, it’s ok to be who you are. I see how you didn’t bring up the Pulse nightclub shooting, or how people routinely discriminate against sexually diverse people when they’re trying to raise their own families and live their own lives. Yeah I’ve met gay couples with children, and they’re some of the most loving parents I’ve ever met. You talk about natural law, what natural law? Have you seen finding Nemo? If that movie was following “natural law” as you put it, it would be a whole lot more perverse than you think. Water turning frogs gay? Frogs are sequential hermaphrodites. Male penguins often form bonds with other male penguins to raise orphaned chicks. Where’s your natural law? Just repeat after me, “ My name is Arthur Schaper, and I am a massive homophobe. I try to hide my homophobia behind pretty words that make me sound smart, and paper-thin arguments that ignore, contradict, or disregard facts about how homosexuals and sexually diverse people are treated in our society. I fantasize about all these perverted homosexual acts that will never occur to me, mainly because I have the personality of a sea urchin and a gay man would rather fornicate a cactus, than hit on me. I worry more about chastising a marginalized group of people, than actually understanding their struggle as a community. I make a fuss about something that doesn’t affect my daily life at all, because it gives my life purpose, especially after the viagra stopped working. My moral compass is based upon a book that has a lot of good teachings, yet I spend my time judging people to make up for my own shortcomings. And I do all of this, because I am afraid that if I ever find myself in a homosexual situation I’ll want to know what dick tastes like.” As a final note, Arthur. To harken back to the words sexually diverse people have heard throughout history; keep it to yourself. Nobody wants to hear a sad sack of shit like you complain about how listening and understanding a small portion of society somehow compromises you own personal freedom. This is America, bitch. Everybody gets in on the freedom

    Go pound sand, Asshole