Thursday, June 10, 2021

Torrance Mayor Pat "Fraudy"

From a Torrance resident regarding Torrance Mayor Pat Furey:

He’s the WORST person! Absolutely disgusting! Only cares about lining his pockets! Mayor Fraudy doesn’t care about our residents or our city. 

We’ve been having tons of issues with Auto dealerships in the area illegally dumping chemicals down the residential gutters, using ALL THE PARKING in the residential neighborhoods for their employees and customers, using all the parking at Columbia park, throwing trash EVERYWHERE, having sex in their cars in the middle of the day in front of children, using drugs on their lunch breaks, hitting our cars, double parking truck haulers and blocking us in for hours and even days at times, violating all of their conditional use permits! 

I had a police officer and a parking enforcement officer both tell me and a neighbor they’ve been advised to “not get involved per his instructions! Fraudy also moved forward with an illegal build and an open car wash. 

Our whole neighborhood has tried over and over to address these issues the correct way for years. We’ve gone to city council meetings and he’s so rude. He won’t let any of us talk, he interrupts and rolls his eyes, cuts us off in the middle of speaking and is just plain rude!

Not to mention the money he stole from the city with no repercussions! How the hell is he still the mayor?

Get Mayor Fraudy out!

Ok…done with my rant. 😬🤣

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