Monday, June 21, 2021

WINNING: Abusive Incumbent, Liberal Partisan Shut Out of Torrance Commission

Torrance Democratic Club President Jimmy Gow has been an engaged, enraged partisan in Torrance politics for many years.

Jimmy Gow, Torrance gadfly and abusive partisan

I first learn about this guy in 2013, when he had shut out constituents from a town hall he hosted, which featured our (former) Congressman Henry Waxman in 2013. You can read more about that embarassing event for Mr. Gow here.

Basically, he shut them out of the town hall, even though the Congressman's own office had advertised the event as "Open to the Public." I even called his office the day after residents in Torrance had told me that they were kicked out. Gow had egg on his face, and the article that I wrote went viral throughout the South Bay.

Later on, he got involved with trying to defend corrupt Torrance Mayor Pat Furey's son, Patrick Furey, who was seated on the Torrance Traffic Commission. In 2015, another story broke in the local press that Patrick Furey was involved in yet another slew of ethical campaign violations.

This time, residents in the city, including myself, took the lead and demanded that Pat Jr. resign from the commission. This move made sense, since the city council had taken the initiative to remove another traffic commission, Omar Navarro, on the supposed charge that he had pepper-sprayed a youth in Cudahy. Video footage of the incident indicated that he had not sprayed any spray or hurt anyone. In any case, Navarro resigned from that commission after the city council took steps to initiative review to have him removed from the commission. If they would go after Navarro for spurious reasons, how could they ignore Pat Jr.?

In April 2016, Pat Jr. resigned before the city council took formal steps to remove him. Read about it here. To his notorious shame (but no one's surprise), Jimmy Gow tried to turn Pat Jr's removal into a partisan affair. He attacked me and others in the city for the emails that we had been sending to the Torrance City Council, urging them to remove God. It was very fitting when members of the audience began to boo Mr. Gow's disrespectful comments. It was quite gratifying for me!

In September, 2016, Jimmy Gow, with a group of violent social justice warriors, trespassed on a veterans hall. These agitators pushed people around, the stole the phone of one of the veterans on the property, and they spit at people.

Here's how Jimmy Gow behaved, and how smug he felt about the whole affair.

Here's a video recording the whole altercation. Click here.

To this day, there has been no recompense or correction for Mr. Gow's egregious actions that day.

Then in 2019, Terreah Duke Heitel, a homeless advocate in the city of Torrance, complained to the city council that Mr. Gow had harassed her, pushing her into a corner and greatly threatened her. Mr. Gow has no limits, no capacity to control himself. 

How is it possible that this disrespectful man can remain on any commission in the city of Torrance?

Then came the Torrance City Council Meeting on June 8th 2021. Click here for the segment on the appointments to the Torrance Social Services Commission.

Torrance Mayor Pat Furey nominated two incumbents from the Social Services Commission, which included Jimmy Gow. Strangely and sadly enough, Mike Griffiths also endorsed Gow.

But the other four city councilmembers endorsed two other nominees. They voted down an incumbent for a commission in the city of Torrance, which is pretty telling in itself. That almost never happens. More importantly, though, Gow got shut out!

Jimmy Gow was shut out of his reappointment to the commission! It's about time.

The city of Torrance does not need embittered, destructive, arrrogant, abusive partisans sitting on city commissions. Gow's long history of abusive behavior should never have been rewarded in such a terrible, destructive fashion in the first place.

This is a welcome turnaround in the city of Torrance. For too long, bad actors have gotten away with all kinds of disrespectful actions. It's time that these bad elements meet a proper end.

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  1. When my political club used to show up at Wilson Park's Farmer's Market to sell yard signs Gow and I used to poke fun at each of our candidates and it never got vicious which is how things should be. I did hear about the 2016 incident at the VFW Hall by Alpine Village. Keeping people from enjoying a Sheriff Joe event is disgusting. He had the right to protest outside the venue but not to be disruptive. His behavior has become common place among many other Democrats and it is sad to see our politics going into the gutter? Why can't we just keep in mind those words of Rodney King from 1992 when he said "Why can't we get along?". Why is politics now bringing out the worst in Democrat politicians like Maxine Waters, AOC, Ilham Omar and their lying media allies? Jimmy Gow what goes around comes around and your actions disgusted enough of the Torrance City Council that you are now no longer a commissioner. I am not surprised that he had the support of Pat Furey but I thought Mike Griffiths had a higher standard and I think he doesn't deserve our vote in 2022 for city treasurer. Arthur you weren't old enough to see the anti-smoking ad of circa 1969 that featured a dad and his 6 0r 7 year old son and how the son would copy everything his dad did. Then dad lit up a cigarette and his son looked at him and then came the classic question "Like Father, Like Son?". In Pat Furey's case the question that should be posed "Like Son, Like Father?" because the apple never falls far from the tree.