Saturday, June 5, 2021

Torrance City Council: Reject "Pride Month" Resolution

Dear Torrance City Council:

I am saddened and disgusted that (once again), the Torrance City Council wants to celebrate "PRIDE" Month.

6C. PROCLAMATION declaring June 2021 as LGBTQ Pride Month in the City of Torrance.

Why is this city council, or any city council for that matter, celebrating sexual perversion, degeneracy, and deviance as something to cherish?

First of all, if people are "born that way", then what is there to celebrate? What is this celebration really about? That a man wants to misuse his genitals, like someone shoving a straw up his nose to drink, or a woman using her elbow to scratch her head? This is a travesty, not something to celebrate at all. The behaviors are inherently damaging, cutting the lifespan short of individuals who engage in them by an average of 20%. In LGBT affirming countries like Sweden, the suicidality rate for transgenders is 40%! This is not a set of lifestyles to celebrate, but rather a set of mental illnesses and emotional maladjustments which need care and treatment.

Second of all, I happen to support science and research. There is no evidence that people are born gay, transgender, two-spirit, etc. I thought that Torrance, as a well-balanced industrial, commercial, and residential city would stay true to the fundamental principles of science and research. The latest report on these origins of homosexuality and transgenderism have confirmed that there is no "gay gene":

Why is the city council taking on such an anti-science position, to assert that these destructive behaviors should be celebrated as innate civil rights? How about celebrating "Detransitioners Month", to recognize the growing number of men and women who realize that they could never change their sex, and that all attempts to do so via sex mutilation were foolish and futile? How about "Ex-gay" month, for the millions of men and women around the world who realized that the whole LGBT movement is based on lies, and that they no longer had to live "that way" because they were not "born that way"?

Third, all of this "Resolution Virtue-Signaling" ignores very serious issues in the city. When is the city going to get the ordinance in place for our Health District, so that we will no longer be under the arbitrary diktat of an unelected health director in Downtown Los Angeles in the event of another so-called "pandemic"? The city needs to address the homelessness issue effectively, so that we do not turn into Skid Row in Downtown Los Angeles. These are the issues that the city council needs to address, not this aberrant virtue-signaling.

Fourth, this LGBT movement has metastasized into elitist, arrogant, and tyrannical movement at its core. From the late 1960s onwards, when there was this massive push to decriminalize homosexual conduct, the public at large was told not to worry, because this was all about private behavior between consenting adults. Today, we see LGBT being pushed onto kids in their cartoons and on cereal boxes as well as in the classroom. LGBT activists bully churches, charities, and small businesses if they do not comply and promote LGBT themes and ideologies. Corporate interests around the world (except in Africa, the Middle East, and Asia) reshape their logos with the six-colored PRIDE backgrounds to show their solidarity with this "movement". The notion that LGBT activists and individuals who engage in these behaviors are somehow oppressed or in need of support and promotion in city councils is laughable. If nothing else, we are witnessing a perverse movement in which every citizen must pander and celebrate this agenda or be forced out of work, out of the public square, and out of the civic compact. This is all wrong, and it's time for governments at all levels to stop pandering to this destructive agenda.

Last of all, I informed this city council that the South Bay LGBT Center, which had paraded a bunch of despicable pride flags in the Torrance City Council chambers in 2019, had a trustee member who had molested five youths. FIVE! That agency should have shut its doors in disgrace, not flaunted sexual degeneracy before all, including in the city of Torrance.

Here's the report from former Daily Breeze Crime Reporter Larry Altman about that South Bay LGBT Center Trustee:

Why would the city counci celebrate something that is promoted by such a discredited non-profit in the city?

I must remind you that the first directly-elected Torrance Mayor Albert Isen wanted to preserve the culture of this vibrant, growing city during his tenure. He went to great lengths to keep sexual perversion out of the city, even going so far as to launch an anti-smut campaign and take the lead on banning topless bars in the city.  A few years ago, even the current mayor took great strides to stop the proliferation of massage parlors in the city of Torrance, many of which were turning into dens of prostitution in the city.

Now, fifty years after Isen's tenure, the Torrance City Council is actually celebrating sexual perversion as a civil right?!

This is outrageous.

The city council needs to stop with this deviant virtue-signaling nonsense. How about celebrating "Nuclear Family" Month, if the city insists on celebrating something that relates to families?

For the time being, this silly resolution needs to be tabled permantly. Let's celebrate civic pride, not sexual degeneracy.

Torrance is better than this. Enough is enough.


Arthur Schaper, Organization Director

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