Sunday, June 4, 2017

BUSTED! LA Times Confirms that RINO-PLAC LIED About Charter Revocation

The winning just never stops.

There were naysayers and critics who feared that allowing the Los Angeles Times to follow me and write a cover piece about me, I would be inviting acrimony against the Trump cause.

One friend of mine was concerned about my reaction to one issue.

"What do you think of them calling you a 'disruptor'?

Answer: "Just watch the video they cut of me at the Maxine Waters town hall in Inglewood.

There is no evidence that I disrupted the meeting. After I was asked to leave--for which I have yet to file a formal complaint against Officer Martinez, Badge #232--I confronted the man in the town hall who was disruptive!

Also, a few minutes earlier into this video below, you will see that Harim Uzziel and Jesse Suave were removed from the town hall for no reason whatsoever. It was complete discrimination.

As I said in the article!

Moreover, The Republican Party of Los Angeles County is now caught in its lies.

For the three months of the silly saga started by the incompetent executive director and the "leadership" committee, the party claimed that the BCR charter was revoked because I allowed a Libertarian candidate to speak at the club. They then went after me because I exposed the arbitrary and lawless methods they took to try and bully me out of being President of the Beach Cities Republicans. Remember that Executive Director Jason Maruca could not even spell my name right!

The by-law committee held by telephone in mid-January focused on these two "infractions".

But what did the Republican Party of Los Angeles County tell the reporter?!

Hmmm ...

Schaper's style — which includes showing up to Waters' office with a sign reading, "Maxine Waters Go to Hell" — caused the Republican Party of Los Angeles County to pull the charter from the Beach Cities Republicans club of which he is president.

Wait a minute. RINO-PLAC revoked the Beach Cities Republicans' charter in January 2017. I visited Maxine Waters' mansion in May of this year. How could they revoke the club's charter for an event which had not yet taken place?

And wait? I thought this whole dust-up was about Mimi Robson speaking at the Beach Cities Republicasn  ...

In a statement, the county GOP cited Schaper’s “inappropriate activities” — disrupting meetings, intimidating elected officials and citizens — as a major reason for pulling the charter.

“Complaints about his activities from elected officials and everyday citizens reflect badly on the Republican Party,” the party said.

Notice the cowardice once again. "The party" issued a statement. Who actually wrote it? Who actually voted on it? Where are the minutes or the record for this statement?

There is  none, because no one in the Executive Committee wants to admit that they are bunch of gutless liars who do not want to accomplish anything. They embrace "controlled failure", as long as they can be the chairman or on the executive board for the failure.

What a shameful display. They lied to me, to the Beach Cities Republicans Board, to the members and volunteers, and now they want to cover up their tepid complaints against me with recriminations about our activism.

By the way, all these remarks about "inappropraiate activities: - if they are referring to Xavier Becerra's town-hall-in-name-only or our efforts in "illegal alien town halls" which are seditious in and of themselves ... all  of these events occured AFTER they unjustly revoked our charter.

The RPLAC Twitter feed even claimed that we were no longer a Republican club. Wrong! Not only are we a Republican club, but we are actually fighting for the values of the Republican Party, getting voters registered, and taking the fight for our state and the country to the streets, where this fight needs to be waged.

Once again, this LA Times article has worked to my necessary advantage and against the corruption--both Republican and Democratic--in Los Angeles County.

Again, why did the RINO-PLAC leadership go to such lengths to cover up their lies and come up with such trumped-up charges against the club?

If they annouonced honestly that they did not like my activism, the entire grassroots throughout the country would have walked out on RINO-PLAC. Who would want to work with a Central Committee that is more interested in losing, even if they spend lots of money doing it, then confronting lawless politicians and upending illegal actions and town halls?

But now it's too late. They have exposed their own shame, and the Los Angeles Times helped me do it!

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  1. I received a copy of the charges against you back in January. There was no mention of you being a disruptive force and an embarrassment to the county GOP. Their statement to the LA Times was a clear lie. BTW did you state in your protests that you were doing it as a BCR event or even mention BCR? Why is the entire club being punished for your "actions"? This was masterminded by the failed leader of AD66, Janice Webb. After the huge election failure of AD66 and the LA County GOP they should all resign en masse and allow new leadership to rise to the top. In Japan, they would have all committed mass harakiri. So instead of leaving a bloody mess for the janitor to clean up why don't they just all resign? Why doesn't the county party stand up and condemn what Maxine Waters and Ted Lieu say about our president? Not that long ago Maxine admitted on a show on CNN or MSNBC that there is no evidence that the Trump campaign colluded with Putin. So why is she constantly shouting for impeachment? Why doesn't the county GOP call her out and ask for the reasons she wants our president impeached? The one who should have been impeached was Obama who constantly violated the US Constitution. Why aren't they calling out Ted Lieu for his attacks on our presidents mental health? Arthur we need to clone your spine and then transplant it into our LA County GOP. Problem solved.