Friday, May 12, 2017

Why Millennials Like (?) Auntie Maxine "The Crazy Black Lady" Waters

I have never read through such insufferable fawning over a Democratic politician than the one below.

Give me a break. "Auntie" Maxine is a leader among Millennials?


This woman is a shameful scumbag with about as much integrity as a rattlesnake.

She lies, she cheats, she lies some more, then begs for media attention to push her lies.

She won't get off the Russian jag, convinced as she is that Russia took over the democratic process in key swing states. The same illiberal lawmakers from the Rust Belt tried repeatedly to challenge the votes on the floor of the House of Representatives.

But even Joseph Biden would not tolerance such intrusive corruption.

Maxine Waters is the gift who keeps on giving, though, and if he keeps opening up her informed foul mouth, we can rest assured that Republicans will expand their gains in the next four years, while the Democratic Party continues to lose electoral share and ultimately turn into a third-party rump with dwindling relevance.

Of course, don't tell the liberal media, since they are convinced that she will be the liberal Lion to lead the lambs into the next generation of abject government control with a thin, progressive veneer.

Congresswoman ‘Auntie Maxine’ Waters strikes a chord with millennials

She’s 78 years old, but Rep. Maxine Waters is more popular with millennials than their parents ever dreamed of.

Is she? Says who? Based on what metric? What standard have they applied? Did they conduct a poll? Have they interviewed any segment of the Millennial population?

This is hollow talk.

The blunt-talking Democratic congresswoman who represents a densely populated corridor of Los Angeles County stretching from Inglewood to Torrance and east to South Los Angeles has been in public office longer than the 20- and 30-somethings have been on the planet.

And that's part of the problem, considering that she hasn't accomplished much. In fact, look at that Los Angeles area corridor. It's gotten poorer, more crime ridden, and overwhelming desolate.

Heckuva job there, Auntie Maxine!

But she speaks their language. Literally. She’s learned — and mastered — terms like “stay woke” and “throwing shade.”

Oh brother! This makes her "hip"? Really?

If the newspapers continue with this long spate of brown-nosing, rest assured that they all will end up papering the bottom of bird cages, cat boxes, and parking garages.

Throwing shade, says 24-year-old Simeon Carson of Compton, aptly describes the communication, both verbal and nonverbal, Waters routinely hurls in the direction of President Donald Trump.

Maxine Waters is shady! Case closed.

“And shade is something that needs to be thrown with this president,” said Carson, who is pursuing majors in political science and Pan African Studies at Cal State Los Angeles."

"Pan-African studies"? Is he studying cooking, or cookware? I got a better idea. How does Maxine Water break so many laws yet get away with it?

Not only do millennials, and particularly black millennials, listen intently whenever Waters grabs a microphone, they have developed a term of affection for her: Auntie Maxine.

How about "Rest in Peace"?

Her soaring popularity among the millennial crowd is not only stunning, say conservative critics, it is also puzzling.

“It’s a head-scratcher as to why young people are gravitating toward Maxine Waters,” said John Berry, a California state coordinator for the Tea Party Patriots who lives in Redlands.

“I just don’t get it,” Berry said. “There are so many other rational leftists out there that the young people could gravitate toward. Are they burned out on Bernie Sanders?”

Because she's in the media a lot, like this column printed by the Press-Telegram and the other newspaper in the Southern California News Group


A nationally recognized expert on the generation isn’t surprised at all.

Jason Dorsey, the 38-year-old president of the Center for Generational Kinetics, a research and consulting firm in Austin, Texas, said Waters is a beneficiary of the things millennials value.

“The generation that millennials most trust is their grandparents’ generation, not their parents’ generation,” Dorsey said by phone. “It means she can come from the place of being the straight-talking grandma.”

Oh really?

Add to that the notion she is talking straight in an era dominated by the internet and social media.

“She’s a ready-made Facebook comment,” Dorsey said.

Yes she is -- to laugh at! Her remarks have lit up social media for the last ten years, precisely because they are so offensive and stupid. She is a laugh riot, a laughing stock to politicos all over the country. A friend of mine in Rhode Island loved to share the to Top Ten stupid things that Maxine Waters said froma  Human Events article.

Believe, there are a lot more than TEN!

Then there are the readily shareable stares that would appear to speak a thousand words, such as the scowl over the rim of her glasses, and the sit-back-in-the-chair-with-folded-arms look of disgust.

Correction: she's disgusting.

Need proof of Waters’ star power? Just ask Deven Anderson, Black Youth Vote! lead organizer and Unity Campaign senior adviser for the National Coalition on Black Civic Participation in Washington, D.C.

Who are those people?

“Personally, I have received the most likes on Facebook with a recent photo I have with her as my profile picture,” Anderson said.

Wow! Like OMG!


No other politician communicates with black millennials as effectively as she does, he said.

And the way she does is more old school than new.

“She is using the basic tool of knowing your audience and being able to relate with them,” Anderson said.

This is newsworthy? More like Fake News worthy! She "knows her audience." No, she has a lot of corrupt, fawning media which keeps her image propped up in the press.

Nothing more.

And while not everyone can relate, and many are made uncomfortable by the congresswoman, activist-minded young people adore her precisely because of her unfiltered messages.

Trump is more unfiltered than she, and he won the Presidency.

She doesn't make me feel uncomfortable. I find her refreshingly funny, because of the inane, insane comments she makes every day.

“Many millennials identify with Maxine’s expressive, to-the-point statements because they remind us of our own mothers, aunts and grandmothers that have been ‘telling it like it is’ our entire lives,” said Aja Brown, herself a sensation after making history in becoming Compton’s youngest mayor four years ago at 31.

Aja Brown will say just about anything to get on Auntie Maxine's good side. Black politicians have to make nice

“She’s real and raw and her popularity signals that we want more truth, less fluff,” Brown said in an email. “We are craving real frontline leaders.”

Please, let Waters lead the pack ... off a cliff.

Raw would seem close to the mark.

Cyberspace is still buzzing about Waters’ half-minute January news conference following a briefing on the investigation into possible Russian interference in the November election.

An obviously upset Waters walked up to a bank of media microphones and glared, The Associated Press reported.

“Can I help you? What do you want?” Waters asked.

When she was asked what FBI Director James Comey had said, she threw up her hands.

“It’s classified, and I can’t tell you anything. All I can tell you is the FBI director has no credibility,” Waters said, before walking away.

Oh, really? And now you claim that its corrupt for Trump to fire Comey?


And here are some other fun tweets from Auntie Maxine:

“Newsflash to Trump: Republicans control Washington,” she tweeted back. “Russians control you.”

Oh, and that's why there are no investigation on Trump, right?

“He had chocolate cake with President Xi and all of the sudden they are not currency manipulators,” she said.

Well, and tasty, too!
Signed by then-Gov. George Deukmejian in September 1986, the law mandated that California employee pension funds withdraw $12 billion of investments in companies doing business in South Africa. Those firms included big names like Chevron and Dow Chemical.

FYI, Deukmeijian is a Republican.

During — and immediately after — the L.A. Riots of 1992, the 25th anniversary of which was being marked throughout Southern California this past weekend, she grabbed headlines.

According to the New York Times, “More than any other political leader representing Los Angeles, more even than Mayor Tom Bradley, Mrs. Waters seemed to be all over the airwaves, acting as a voice of the disenfranchised after the unrest broke out.

She told the world that rioting is acceptable. Yes, a voice for the disenfranchised ... criminals.

The New York Times went on to quote Waters as saying she didn’t condone violence but chose not to publicly criticize those participating in the riots.

“It only makes them madder when you call them hoodlums and thugs, as the president did,” she said then.

She got caught saying inflammatory things, and she had to peddle those comments back.

“She actually defended the L.A. Riots as being understandable,” Berry said. “That’s not the view of a rational moral person. This is not somebody you would want being part of your PTA.”

Yes indeed.

Waters later would garner attention for being out front in opposing the war in Iraq and calling for an end to the Cuban trade embargo, among other issues.

That’s in large part because she’s never been one who’s afraid to stake out controversial positions, said Christian Grose, a political science professor at USC.

You want to know why? She represented a district in which she was guaranteed 70% of the vote.


“She is a trailblazer,” Grose said, “and was one of the first African-American female members of Congress to represent California.”

Often, he said, Waters was “ahead of the curve” in the Democratic Party.

She sure is, the curve trending downward to Zero.

In July 2009, the Office of Congressional Ethics forwarded a report to the House Committee on Ethics stating that Waters may have violated conflict-of-interest rules, according to a committee report from 2012.

Yes, I am corrupt.
What are you going to do about it?

Today, Waters is flourishing like never before following the departure of the nation’s first black president, Barack Obama. It’s as if the in-your-face, combative style she has had all along was made precisely for this moment in time.

Trump is way ahead of you!

And, Schnur said, Trump “presents a particularly compelling target for her.”


Then conservative commentator Bill O’Reilly’s comment about her hair being like “a James Brown wig” only served to boost support for her.

That's because her wig looks like James Brown. OK?

“She is a proud and robust black woman who will not be intimidated by President Trump and his antics,” said Alexander Wilson Jr., a 22-year-old UC Riverside student from Culver City. “She is an example of black resilience and excellence and won’t allow anyone to strip that from her. And that is very impressive to me.”

Berry, the conservative leader, suggested Waters’ popularity will fade, that it is merely a fad.

Dorsey, the millennial expert, doesn’t think so.

“We don’t think that her ability to connect with millennials is a flash in the pan,” Dorsey said. “For other politicians who may be wondering what works, here is clearly an example.”

Grose said Waters is popular “because she is symbolically able to tap the zeitgeist of the resistance to Trump.”

She's a joke!

She is a fad already, and she is fading fast!

And I am loving every minute of it!


  1. Anyone want to help start a Maxine Waters for president in 2020? Bernie Sanders for vice president. haha in Venezuela

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