Friday, May 12, 2017

Omar Navarro: Declare State of Emergency in California NOW!

Ladies and Gentlemen of the 43rd District.  I need your help. We are in a state of emergency. No longer is the criminal element and lawlessness coming from behind bars or running through the streets it is among the very public agencies and elected officials who are supposed to shield the families and children they were designed to protect.   Lawlessness continues to break out among us from elected Liberal Democrats and their agencies

My friends, when is enough enough?

I am running for Congress to enforce the laws that protect us and to abide by the laws that I am sworn to uphold.  As a lifetime resident of the 43rd District, walking among the streets of the 43rd district its surrounding areas and talking face to face with those protesting in support of liberal policies, I know among there are people who want abide by the laws for the benefit and safety of their families and children. They are being misled by liberals. They need a leader to reassure them that they will be spoken for and I will be that leader.

As Republicans (53,000) and Independents (103,000) we are outnumbered by Democrats (222,000) but that no longer has to be the case.  Your campaign dollar will ensure that we are able to reach out to every Republican, Independent and among the 400,000 Unregistered Voters in the 43rd District.  Its been 18 long years since a Republican has been in office in the 43rd District.  One quick look at what 18 years of Democratic rule has done to our district, state and our country is why I am running for Congress in 2018

We have a clear path to victory in this non presidentual election cycle if we start early. (only 69,000 Democrats came out to vote in 2014) You campaign dollar will go towards the recruiting, convincing, canvassing, registering new voters, knocking on doors and getting the vote out among all Republicans and Independents.

You donation of $25, $50, $75, $100, $200 or more will ensure the rule of law to the benefit of families and children.   It is urgent that we raise money now to lay the groundwork for victory in 2018.  Another 2 years of democratic rule in the 43rd district will make our families and children less safe and less secure.  If elected as your Congressman you'll have the confidence that someone will be in Washington DC fighting for you.  But I need your help to get there.  

Go to my website to volunteer and donate today.

I pledge to you that I will do everything I can to fight for you to turn our city, state and country around.  I can't do it alone. The state of emergency gets worse by the day.  Together we can make our city, state and country great again.


Omar Navarro
Candidate for Congress, 43rd District

To donate online go to
Make checks out to Omar Navarro for Congress and mail to 2501 W. 237th Street, Torrance, CA 90505 - Questions call:  626-325-4723

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    This is great - national attention for Omar Navarro