Friday, May 12, 2017

Why Is Trump Not Repealing DACA?

President Trump declared that he would repeal the Deferred Action on Childhood Arrivals Executive Order within days if not on the first day of his presidency.

He has not done it ... yet.

At first, I was extremely upset, and very concerned. Was Trump reneging on a key campaign promise? Was he losing his nerve? Has he stopped listening to the populist conservatism of his inner circle and started listening to the liberal New England family members?

Today, I am not worried about this DACA delay. I do not believe that Trump has lost his nerve. I also agree that he does have a heart, but that does not mean he won't enforce our immigration laws. Nor does it mean that he won't do anything to end this DREAMer con artist shell game.

Besides, the effects of the Trump Administration have already been felt, and all for the good.

Illegal alien border crossings have plummeted 70%. That is reason enough to know that law and order has been restored, that the rule of law is back in order. Illegal aliens are no longer signing up for public assistance, which they should have never had access to in the first place. Jobs are back. Americans feel safer. Citizens trust that their rights will be protected rather than under constant assault from the state.

Still, the young illegals in our midst need to go, since they are getting more radical by the day. Can the United States survive another generation of illegals suddenly granted amnesty, who in 90% of cases will register as communist-leaning Democratic socialists? No. So, DACA must go, and our nation’s attention must return to the dreamers who matter: our American citizens.

So, what is the hold-up?

Here are a few reasons, in my view, to explain the delay:

1. Trump is pragmatic, and he recognizes that there are weak Republicans in Congress. If he pushes ahead right now to remove DACA, they will further alienate themselves from him and will frustrate his full agenda, including the border wall, E-Verify, and other pro-enforcement immigration reforms.

Whether anyone likes it or not, politics requires a certain degree of consensus, for better or for worse. The federal system is not an executive bureaucracy, but a machine dependent on agreements and cooperation. The Presidency is not a dictatorship, and Donald Trump is not governing like a dictator, despite the shrillest media opposition. He has already signed off on an unprecedented rate of bills and his lawful, constitutional executive orders are working. Trump supporters should not worry about the next steps he will take.

2. Trump is concerned about the severe backlash that will ensue when DACA is repealed.

Consider what happened as soon as Trump issued clearly outlined travel bans. The whole left-wing phalanx of hate-mongers and anti-American traitors took to the streets, the airports, and the highways and by-ways. The violence in key urban areas will only get worse when DACA is repealed. The youthful radicals who are taking over the public squares in urban areas will put undue pressure on our federal and state law enforcement agencies. Does the President really want to further endanger the lives and well-being of law enforcement? More importantly, how many innocent lives will be at risk?

This concern leads to the third reason:

3. Priorities and Limited Resources

There are over 12 million illegal aliens in the country. Within that rebellious mass are a large swath of criminal aliens and gang members. During the Election 2016, Vice Presidential debate, Governor Pence was crystal clear about deporting violent criminal aliens from the country and ending sanctuary jurisdictions. Any police officer will outline the need to assess and implement proper practices based on priorities. Between ticketing a jay-walker and stopping a murderer, who gets his attention? Of course our law enforcement officers will target the violent offenders who pose a threat to the most people. Discretion is essential to effective policing

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is already cracking down on MS-13, but the fight has only just begun. Remember that for eight years, illegal aliens would walk the streets of this country without fear or recrimination or deportation. Key states would even allow them special privileges like in-state tuition and scholarships.

This huge illegal immigration mess began with Obama and it's not like President Trump can wave a magic wand to fix all of this. Resources are limited. Trump and Sessions have already assigned 50 more immigration judges to process the deportations of all illegal aliens in the country.

And let's not forget other massive planks in Trump's platform, including the rebuilding of our military, the expanded protections for First and Second Amendment rights, the repeal of Obamacare, tax reform, and the appointment of constitutionalist judges to all federal seats in the judiciary.

Trump has all of these demands to meet, and he needs all Republicans on his side in Congress to achieve these goals, too. DACA will be taken care of, but the pressing priorities on immediate national security and public safety concerns must come first, along with other key elements in Trump's domestic agenda.

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