Friday, May 12, 2017

The Indivisibles Are Focusing On House Seats. Why?

The Indivisible wannabe Tea Party Groups are focusing on House Seats for Election 2018.

Lyin' Ted Lieu focused on 7 House seats in California, including Congressman Dana Rohrabacher (R-Newport Beach).

As I have written before, do these Democrats really think that they are going to flip these seats in deep-red Orange County, CA? They are delusional, to put it mildly.

There is no way.

But again, why are Indivisible activists targeting House seats rather than, say, US Senate seats?

Because the United States Senate will not fall into Democratic hands. They have way too many seats of their own to defend.

And at least of the seats are in deep red states which both Romney and Trump won in the last two Presidential election cycles.

Not going to happen.

These Indivisible disruptors are calculating from failure and limitations already.

The turnout will be lower in 2018, too, favoring Republicans even more.

Republicans have more reasons to be happy rather than unhappy, since Trump is ticking off one set of promises after another.

Republicans will have every reason to turn out and vote for his agenda to continue unimpeded. If not for that, voters may stay home in larger numbers because they can't stand the socialist, communistic Democratic Party, which has continued to throw working class Americans and their children under the bus while they continue pursuing a destructive, treasonous, anti-American agenda.

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