Friday, May 12, 2017

#NeverTrumpers, Jump on the Train or Get Off the Bus!

After 110 days of the Trump Presidency, one would think that the diffident, doubtful #NeverTrump crowd would turn the page and get on board the Trump Train. Yet to this day, I find a number of people, including hard-core Cruzers, who have not given up their hatred and disgust for Donald Trump. When I posted the cover of a new Trump children's book on my Facebook profile, one man commented: "That man is a fool."

Donald Trump is a fool? He worked all the angles that needed to be done, and he won the Presidency. He defeated at least 16 other well-connected and qualified candidates to compete. He then took on the mainstream media, the military-industrial complex, the Soros phalanx of major corporations and their multi-million dollar donations. And he won.

And he is still winning!

So, the arguments from all of these #NeverTrumpers has grown increasingly stale, not only that, but it's so disconnected from reality, that one can hardly stand it. It's offensive!

Donald Trump is your president, whether you like it or not. Frankly, I am liking it a great deal!

Todd Royal shared his views on the #NeverTrump ideological recalcitrance in April:

Let’s review what President Trump accomplished in one week. He got Judge (now Associate Justice) Neil Gorsuch onto the Supreme Court, and according to Senator Tom Cotton (a former member of the 101st Airborne, served in Iraq and Afghanistan), “Restored America’s credibility in the world,” after striking Syria over their chemical weapons attack. 

The appointment of Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court made Trump's victory worth everything for Trump’s most skeptical supporters. Even hard-core libertarian Republican Congressman Thomas Massie said so.

But there's more about Trump to embrace:

Trump understands the rough and tumble world of international diplomacy. He one-upped President Xi by making him wait an hour for his arrival at their recent summit the same way Ronald Reagan first greeted Gorbachev on a cold winter day wearing only a suit while Gorbachev was bundled in a heavy top coat and scarf. Trump understands what Obama didn’t, and the Chinese have begun changing their behavior after the summit, when it was reported by Reuters that China is turning back North Korean coal (North Korea’s main export) from their docks.

Well, well, well.

Trump is kicking rump all across the globe. While Obama was bowing and scraping for respect from world leaders, the President is not afraid to fight for American interests. How refreshing is that? Sure, candidate Trump was ready to slam China as an offensive currency manipulator. Now that China is agreeing to more solid trade deals to improve American lives, Trump is giving the Chinese premier a little more breathing room.

That's fine with me.

But still, the #NeverTrump crowd is just as loud. He is not presidential enough. He is not enacting policy reforms quickly enough. Indeed, purists and policy ideologues will never be happy. All of their elected officials must accomplish and expand the values they seek at all costs, or else.

The demand for perfection leads to lose. The abolitionists of the Ante-Bellum period were so determined to end slavery, that they withdrew from the political process. They burned copies of the Declaration of Independence, and they denounced the inherent corruption of the United States for allowing that despicable "peculiar institution" to stay alive.

In a similar vein, grassroots activists are angry with Trump because every step of the illegal immigration problem has not be resolved as he had said he would. Patience and priorities must stand. Purity would have ensured a Hillary Clinton Presidency.

What else burns these ardent anti-Trump conservatives? A need for self-righteous recognition, perhaps? They can brag in the media that they never compromised their principles. They are self-righteous in another sense. "This man slept with other women!"

"He has a foul mouth!"

"He called women 'pigs' and 'dogs'".

"His demeanor is not presidential."

It's this high-and-mighty church lady mentality--and it's really disgusting. Trump is not a nice little school boy. He has flaws. He has some serious problems with speaking consistently on issues. Our country faced serious threats to its integrity and existence. What sense would there have been for individual voters to hold onto their purity, but watch the country fall away into progressive darkness?

Well-respected conservative commentator Dennis Prager reminded conservative readers: The question during the election [2016] was: What will happen if the Democrats and the Left win the presidency again?

Voters, grassroots activists, and policy wonks must focus on limiting evil, and in turn expand truth, justice, and liberty. The process to free the slaves in the United States exceeded legislative solutions, since the partisan factions engaged in a cruel, four-year Civil War. Legislative successes followed, including the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments.

The political process must concern all citizens, just as they are invested in the policies and principles they wish to advance. #NeverTrump doesn’t understand this difficult yet necessary reality in politics.

Or worse, they just don’t care. For that reason, their rhetoric and relevance must wane in the advancing months. As for me, I blocked the commentator who called Trump a fool. I submit that all of us will be the wiser for taking similar actions with unrepentant Trump opponents.

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