Friday, May 12, 2017

American Children First Demands Victorville Councilwoman Blanca Gomez Disavow “Brown Power” Meeting


American Nationalist Group Demands Victorville City Councilwoman Blanca Gomez Disavow Racist “Brown Power” Comments at Meeting She Attended
Also demands that she disavow support for sanctuary cities, Aztlan and La Reconquista
Blanca Gomez

(Torrance, CA, May 11, 2017) – American Children First calls upon Victorville City Councilwoman Blanca Gomez to immediately and forcefully disavow and repudiate the racist “Brown Power” comments at meeting she attended on May 6 at the University of California, Riverside.
The pro-illegal alien conference was organized by Professor Armando Navarro, an ethics studies professor at UCR who believes the Southwestern United States, or Aztlan, was stolen from Mexico. His co-organizer, Maria Anna Gonzales, was captured on video shouting: “This is a Brown Power meeting!”
The video can be seen below:
Navarro and Gonzales subscribe to the “La Reconquista” ideology, or the belief that Latinos must reconquer and reclaim these “stolen” lands for their people.
Not only was Ms. Gomez noted as an honorable guest on the agenda, she can be seen entering the frame of the video immediately following Ms. Gonzales racist comment with a smile on her face.
“She has surrounded herself with radical Chicano nationalists possessing racist views towards whites and treasonous anti-American sentiments calling for the return of the Southwestern United States to Mexico,” said American Children First executive director, Joseph Turner. “Her actions are unacceptable and any refusal to condemn racism suggests she is unfit to hold office.”
In December, Ms. Gomez created a stir when she attended a meeting on sanctuary cities in Rialto. She claimed to have no idea what a sanctuary city was and that she was merely an invited guest seeking to learn more about various issues as a new councilwoman.
Protestations of ignorance will no longer suffice.
Ms. Gomez repeatedly keeps the company of open border zealots who support sanctuary cities and amnesty for illegal aliens. And these individuals hold racist feelings against white Americans.

A refusal on the part of Ms. Gomez to repudiate and disavow the racist “brown power” comments made by Maria Anna Gonzales and failure to clarify her positions on sanctuary cities and “La Reconquista de Aztlan” would clearly indicate that she is unfit to hold office and undeserving of the honor to represent all the citizens of Victorville.
“If a white elected official attended a conference where organizers referred to it as a white power meeting, they would be excoriated in the national press,” Turner said.


  1. Oh cry me a river!! "We stole their land??" How about some cheese with all that "WHINE!!"

    BLANCA is a two faced snake and is part of a Brown power GANG!! SURE DESERVES TOO BE DEPORTED for HUMILIATION. She has an agenda and it's ONLY to help overt throw our AMERICAN LAWS, culture and CONSTITUTION. She's just looking to make a name for herself. Well she did and it's ALL BAD FOR HER. ONE BY ONE WE THE PEOPLE will dismiss them ALL!!

  2. Blanca is corrupted and looking to make a name for herself with her NEW GANG AFFILIATION with Brown Power homies!! She's a disgrace to the City of Victorville. She LACKS ETHICS, professionalism, integrity and definitely denies her OATH to the American "Citizens/ constituents. I think it bothers her and her newly affiliate homies because of the great accomplishments we've done with this land that AMERICA PURCHASED ruin Mexico. STOP DECEIVING yourself Blanca and being a gopher to this corruption youy embrace. YOUR OUT!! YOU ONLY REPRESENT A CORRUPTED AGENDA!!

  3. She was duly elected. If you don't like what she thinks and believes, you shouldn't have elected her. Tolerance for the free speech of others is required in this country - and that included speech we don't agree with.