Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Left-Wing Thugs Pull Bid to Take Over George Washington University

There is so much winning!

Even if Donald Trump cannot get his entire agenda passed within 100 days, the movement for more liberty and less oppression, less government is gaining strength.

The Service Employees International Union is losing money, losing power, losing influence throughout the country.

This corrupt, tyrannical association filed for bankruptcy in Texas.

Their latest attempt to organize another labor union unit failed before it even started!

The Washington Free Beacon reports:

Cancels unionization bid on eve of vote

An influential union dropped its bid to create the nation's first union of resident advisers in the country on the eve of its groundbreaking vote.

The first line communicates such a profound irony.

If the union is so influential, they why did they have to pull the plug on a certification vote, and within hours of the vote?

Service Employees International Union Local 500, which represents workers at several influential liberal organizations, withdrew its attempt to organize resident advisers at George Washington University just hours before voting was set to begin on Wednesday. The union said that the cancellation was due to the fact that voting circumstances "were not ideal," citing the students' final exams.

What they really mean is "We don't have the votes, and don't want to look bad."

The decision came as a shock to several students who had advocated on behalf of unionization. The GW RA Organizing Committee took to Facebook to say that the union did not speak with supporters before publicly announcing that it would cancel the vote.

"It is with great frustration that we received news at 5:15 pm this evening that SEIU Local 500 made the executive decision to cancel the election for tomorrow," the group said in a Facebook post. "We were not consulted in this decision and are upset that RAs will not have the opportunity to express their favor or disfavor for unionization. We do not agree with the decision to pull the vote."

Let's hope that more university students, including the resident advisors, stand by their rights and refuse forced unionism.

What can I say? So much winning!

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