Monday, May 1, 2017

Growing Support for the Beach Cities Republicans Against Establishment RINO-PLAC

Now that the RINOS from the Los Angeles "Republican" Party Central Committee have declared war on Congressional candidate Omar Navarro, more people around the state of California are learning about the corrupt, dirty practices of Mark Vafiades, Gary Aminoff, Maureen Johnson, and the rest of the corrosive, undeserving central committee--along with the sugar daddy puppet masters Andy Gharakani and Charles Munger.

Tracy Hopkins, BCR Secretary-Treasurer

While RINO-PLAC remains silent, the Beach Cities Republicans are vocal and unrelenting.

While RINO-PLAC does nothing for candidates running in blue areas of Los Angeles County, the Beach Cities Republicans fight hard every step of the way with every resource available

More people are learning about what is happening, and they want RINO-PLAC to restore our charter--not that we want tit back!

On behalf of the Beach Cities Republicans board and members of the club, I want to thank all the supporters who have been fighitng for us and getting the word out about the failed practices of the Ls Angeles County GOP Central Committee.

It's time to drain the swamp!

It's time to purge the RINOs from Los Angeles County Republican Party leadership.

Let's work together and Make California Great Again!

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