Monday, May 1, 2017

BREAKING: Two Members of the Corrupted AD-66 Republican Central Committee Quit!

As if the residents--and particularly the Republicans--needed any more proof  that the RINO county central committee and their handi-picked chairwoman for AD-66 was not bad enough.

Two more members of the AD-66 Central Committee have resigned.

1. Vice-Chairman Ken Hartley

From Hermosa Beach, small business owner and 3-time Chamber of Commerce Chairman formally resigned from the Central Committee.

Here was the statement released to the members of the committee:

Subject: 66th Central Committee
I believe the time has come for me to move on from the 66th AD Central Committee.  Please accept this email as my resignation from the group.

I’m honored to have served on the Committee.


Not much to report, apparently.

2. Gene Starr

He gave a more extended set of remarks regarding his decision to leave the AD-66 Central Committee:

Perhaps the sudden change of meeting times and places had something to do with the disaffection of these two members.

Everybody's quiting ! Why?!

Or maybe the fact that the Central Committee leadership, from the county headuarters down to Janice Webb has done a terrible job of raising money, registering voters, and vetting candidates to run for office?

Of course, let's not forget the perverse attacks she and the board launched against the Beach Cities Republicans!

AD-66 Chairwoman Janice Webb's reign of error is coming back to haunt her--more people do not want to work with the corrupt RINO Central Committee of Los Angeles County!

Serves them right!

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