Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Election Integrity Project: Open Letter to California Secretary of State Alex Padilla

Voter fraud and voter instability is the new normal in California.

Dead people's names have been discovered on voter rolls.

Illegal aliens are getting registered to vote. The automatic motor-voter law has made it easier for non-citizens to become voters, since legal status is no longer a reuirement to get a driver's license in the state of California.

And let's not forget that Califrnia hs no Voter ID laws, even though First through Third World countries require citizens to prove their identity in order to vote!

But there may be some light at the end of this dark, corrupt tunnel.

Check out this sample letter from the Election Integrity Project!

April 28, 2017

Possible wording for your letter to SOS Padilla regarding the modifications to the New Motor Voter law:

April 28, 2017
SOS Padilla,
I am writing to let you know that I ..........(write you own words here)
I am opposed to your proposed modifications to the New Motor Voter law (AV1461) because of these issues:
Problems with the modifications of the New Motor Voter law (AB 1461):
  • The proposed regulations will reduce transparency because information with respect to voters who become "inadvertently registered" to vote will be hidden and unavailable.
  • The proposed changes also remove the normal requirement to retain records of inadvertent registrations that get cancelled, so we can never request the records through the Open Records Act (CA version of FOIA).
No one, not even the SOS, will be able to analyze the impact of the law on the electoral process.
California continues to handle the integrity of California elections on the 'honor system'!!
  • The automatic voter registration relies only on the person attesting as to whether he is eligible.
  • The new law relies only on "self-cancellation" if someone is honest enough to say that they were accidentally registered.
The DMV is the only reliable database indicating who is a citizen and who is not and YET the law does not allow the SOS to access the DMV database, and does not require the DMV to verify voter eligibility.

We recommend that (f) and (g) be added to Subsections 20064 (old section 20065) as follows:
(f)   Strongly warn the public on all available social media, television, newspapers, and radio about implementation of this new law, especially including, but not limited to, the adverse consequences for becoming registered and failure to file a notice that they are ineligible.
(g)  Develop a plan for data availability by the Department of Motor Vehicles to allow journalists, analysts, legislators, media, watchdog organizations, and the public to make an independent determination as to whether ineligible voters have become registered as a result of this new system.
Write your own closing here.

Thank you for taking action to help restore integrity to California's election process.
Linda Paine
President and Co-founder
Election Integrity Project

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