Thursday, May 4, 2017

Berkeley Free Speech Rally: Commemorating Kate Steinle at Pier 14, San Francisco

Andrew Reeder with LA for Trump funded many of our members to drive up to Berkeley for the Free Speech Rally on April 27.

Before going to East Bay, however, Harim and I visited Pier 14 to pay our respects to Kate Steinle, a San Francisco resident who was brutally murdered on the pier, in front of her own parents, by a five-time deported illegal alien.

It was a pretty calm morning, and a peaceful one.

There was one fisherman.

Another guy was just relaxing on one of the benches.

Another man was exercising on the pier, but he came by to see what Harim and I were recording.

The contrast between the passive morning and the heinous murder that ocurred on the pier two years ago was too much for me.

Why doesn't anyone care? How can the city and its residents just stop caring about what happend to Steinle? This murder would have never happened if our borders had been secured.

Simple as that.

Also, sadly, there is no clearly visible memorial on the pier for Steinle.


In Redondo Beach and Hermosa Beach, those piers have clear, outstanding commemorations for famous surfers.

The founder of Body Glove received a hero's reception following his death. He used to eat at a local fastfood place for years, and even there a makeshift memorial was set up for him.

But what about Kate?

It's amazing how little time passes before most people forget the death of a loved one--for others, that is.

Some of the people I spoke to in our Uber rides or in The City admitted that they had never heard of her!

On the ride back to the hotel room, I spoke with a mother and her child who were splitting and uber ride with us.

She did recall Kate's death, and it actually alarmed at the time particularly because Pier 14 is close to her home.

Even though she acknowledged herself to be a San Francisco liberal, she was vocally opposed to protect illegal aliens from ICE in municipal jurisdictions.

She also opposed allowing illegal aliens to live off taxpayer dollars.

Even in San Francisco, there is vocal, unrepealed opposition to lawlessness.

All the more it was so important for Harim and me to show up at Pier 14.

RIP, Kate Steinle

Kate Steinle: 1982-2015

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