Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Berkeley Free Speech Rally: YUGE CROWDS!

A picture is worth one thousand words.

Here are photos for the large, in charge crowds of Trump supporters, conservatives, and free speech activists in Berkeley on April 27:

Notice all the cameras recording We the People!

Here was the view from behind the mainstream media cameras who were all standing on the dried-up fountain looking over the crowd.

Look at all the conservatives there!

This video from the speakers' side was really inspiring.

Notice how peaceful the assembly tured out!

The Berkeley police stood watch around the park to ensure that Antifa thugs didn't start fights or attack individual demonstrators. 

The police never show up to keep us in line. They have to deal with the left-wing riff-raff every time.

Again, check out the large crowds of young people fighting for freedom of speech.

What a sight it was!

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  1. What did they have to say about the settled fact that all the kings men and all his horses can't change the climate one little bit?