Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Berkeley Free Speech Rally: The Resurgence of Young Conservatives

Sorry for taking so long to print this information.

The Berkeley Free Speech rally was a rousing success.

There was so much more that I wanted to report about it.

One of the most telling and welcoming details about the rally?

The large number of young people, and not just college students.

Check out our LA for Trump team!

Check out this video, too:

Indeed, the next generation is more conservative, fed up with all the secular, puritanical tyrrany waged by the left.

The widespread slights against freedom of speech, the resistance to free markets and free enterprise, plus the stifling embrace of dangerous multiculturalism has awakend a conservative resistance among young people.

And I could see it on full display in Berkeley!

Here's Baked Alaska and Based in LA!
Such a simple message.
Yet so true!
Carlos, on the left, first met me at MLK Park
He told me that he follows my YouTube channel.

It's simple for young people. They get this gender stuff. Why can't anyone else?

:Two genders! YES!

Another group of young people also approached me, and we talked about some pretty heavy subjects. We did not agree on everything, but at least we were talking.

Check out the large crowds of people who arrived, ready to fight Antifa and the Anti-Free Speech phalanx:

Young as well as old assembled to take a stand for the First Amendment.

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  1. Well done Arthur.
    We understand the delay.
    You're ALWAYS working so hard for our rights & our Country.
    Thank you VERY much!