Friday, May 12, 2017

Letter to the Editor: No More Welfare for Illegal Alien

Once again, The Daily Breeze spends more time pitying the poor illegal aliens and their plight. They should be covering and caring about Americans in need, including our own homeless, foster kids, our veterans, and the 95 million people who are still searching for work.

Illegal aliens should not be the subject of compassion or sob stories. They should be deported. Of course they should be afraid to sign up for food stamps. They shouldn’t even be in the country!

Even legal immigrants should not be using public assistance. Many of my friends who immigrated to this country signed waivers clearly indicating that they would not take public assistance of taxpayer-funded welfare.

Again, I am so grateful for our President Donald Trump. He is enforcing our immigration laws and ensuring that Americans are placed first. The fact that his deportation orders are scaring illegals away from welfare is even better.

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