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Who Else Was at De Leon's "Brown Power" Summit"? Blanca Gomez of Victorville, CA

The "Brown Power" summit at UC Riverside had some disturbing guests, a "Who's Who" of La Raza Nativist/Activists intent on turning California into a Mexican dystopia, taken away from the United States of America and brought under the empire of Aztlan.

All of this is deeply disturbing, and reason enough to have them removed from office. They want to promote lawlessness on immigration and treason against the national and state sovereignty of the United States and California.

One of the most conspicuous speakers was Blanco Gomez, the upstart city councilwoman of Victorville.

She had joined with Rialto City Councilman Rafael Trujillo to collude behind the scenes to turn Rialto into a sanctuary city for illegal aliens.

But We the People Rising showed up to put a stop to that evil nonsense. Gomez wasn't prepared for us:

She claimed that she did not know what a sanctuary city was.

What a fraud!

Check her out at the Brown Power summit:

She certainly wasn't ready for We the People Rising that morning, either.

Before I present her comments from the De Leon summit, check out the latest news about her in Victorville.

She has offered three appointments to the city planning commission, and everyone of them has been rejected (From the Victorville Daily Press):

VICTORVILLE — With her choice for the Planning Commission failing to get appointed yet again, Councilwoman Blanca Gomez said Wednesday she will continue to seek the advice of her peers in order to fill the vacant seat.

During Tuesday night’s City Council meeting, Gomez nominated Victorville resident and recent City Council candidate Sergio Reyes as her third choice for the Planning Commission. While Gomez made the motion to appoint Reyes, who ran as a 19-year-old in the November election, none of Gomez’s peers seconded her motion.

One of her planning commission appointments was arrested!

Authorities arrested two Victorville men on suspicion of manufacturing a controlled substance arrest warrants, one of whom was expected to be presented as Councilwoman Blanca Gomez's nominee for the city's Legislative Review Committee. 


She's also facing censure from her colleagues.


Victorville City Councilwoman Blanca Gomez’ presence at a Rialto sanctuary city meeting last week, while donning a city badge, raised questions about the capacity of the visit, given the jurisdiction.

RIALTO — Victorville City Councilwoman Blanca Gomez is getting grilled by anti-illegal immigration protesters outside Rialto City Hall. They record her with their cellphones; Gomez, a newly elected, does the same.

“Why are you coming all the way from Victorville?” one protester asks, aware of the city badge on Gomez’s suit coat.

“Because I support all cities,” Gomez replies.

Asked if she supports sanctuary cities, Gomez responds: “I don’t even know what that is.”

She was wearing her city council badge, but she was attending a secret event in Rialto. Already, voters in Victorville are suspecting her dubious motives.

Since her election, Gomez has had all three of her nominees to the Planning Commission rejected and has repeatedly claimed she has been reprimanded by her colleagues. Adding fuel to this already contentious relationship was an agenda item placed by Councilman Eric Negrete.

The item, which Negrete said was directed at Gomez, called for the “discussion and possible action regarding censure process.”

“For the past few months this Council has been distracted from our solemn duty to serve the residents of Victorville by the conduct of Council member Gomez,” Negrete said. “Before we can discuss and focus on the business of the city, we’re first subjected to the unprofessional, unproductive and petty conduct Council member Gomez has displayed at every single meeting since joining the Council, and today is no exception.”

Instead of changing her behavior, instead of ceasing her La Raza efforts to undermine the rule of law and rules of decorum in city council, Gomez is threatening to sue the city!

This young lady is an immature, disruptive, La Raza activist. She probably got elected to the city council through outside, left-wing money (perhaps George Soros-linked?).

Of course, her brazen lawlessness was on full display, again, at the Mexicano and Latino State Summit at UC Riverside.

Check out her comments below:

It looks like she's got some serious explaining to do to her constituents!

What is she doing, promoting Brown supremacy at a Latino summit, in which the vast majority of speakers want to take over the state with a "Brown monster" of voting power?

"Did I say that?!"

What does that say about the diverse residents of her community? Does she want to push them all out?

Contact the Victorville City Council.

Demand more than a censure motion, but a full recall of this immature, treasonous woman!

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