Sunday, May 7, 2017

Luis "White People Will Be Dead in Five Years" Nolasco: Illegal Alien and Activist (Call ICE Now!)

After posting my second blog about ACLU acolyte/activist Luis Nolasco, I received the following tip:

Luis Nolasco is an illegal alien.

Here is his profile on Netroots Nation:

Check out the contents in the profile:

"Luis Nolasco is an undocumented queer organizer [Emphasis mine] with the Inland Empire Immigrant Youth Coalition (IE-IYC) an affiliate of the National Immigrant Youth Alliance (The NIYA), who through public campaigns has contributed to stopping deportations and shed light on the conditions of Immigration Detention Centers. Alongside 4 other undocumented organizers from the NIYA, they set up camp in South Florida to expose the injustices being held at Broward Transitional Center, an Immigration Detention Facility. Soon after, he went on to do similar work with North Georgia Detention Center in Gainesville, Georgia. Now he resides in the Inland Empire where he is working on establishing a visitation program for Adelanto Detention Center in Victorville as well as working to pass pro-immigrant legislation such as the TRUST Act which would help abolish some of the unnecessary incarceration of Immigrants."

Notice that in the entire text, there is no distinction between legal and illegal.

Why is that?

So, this individual does not live in the country legally.

Yet he has the audacity to undermine our immigration laws?!

He even snidely mocks American citizens of all backgrounds.

He said to the Rialto City Council that "white people have five years left."

Notice that he claims to be "an actual resident of Rialto, unlike these people."

"These people." That is discrimination, isn't it?

Then he attends a "Latino and Mexicano" Summit, where he tells people how to resist the Trump Administration, all while undermining our nation's immigration laws and joining a widespread "La Raza" movement based on mythical political narratives, like the argument that California does not belong to the United States, and Mexican-Americans, or Chicanos should take California back and join into to another nation called "Aztlan."

Don't believe me about the nature of the meeting?

Here are the remarks below from Dr. Enrique Murillo:

Here's the video recording with his comments about "Aztlan":

Of course, Luis Nolasco's comments bear reviewing, too:

Check out one of his most outstanding (and outrageous) comments:

"We need to make sure that California is leading the fight in passing this legislation" [SB 54, the Sanctuary State Bill]

Of course he wants SB 54: his presence in this state is in jeopardy.

This is absolutely shameful! OUTRAGEOUS!

Call ICE Now, and demand the deportation of this illegal alien and activist!

(866) 347-2423

(U.S. and Canada)

You can submit a tip online if you wish, too:

Click here.

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