Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Torrance Concerns: What Do You Think?

A growing cohort of Torrance residents have contacted me about the rising number of concerns, outrages, and just plain bad governance becoming a norm in the city.

Here's the list of issues which I received:


1. Pensions
2. Lack of Transparency
3. Progressive (SBCCOG) Agenda: CCA’s
4. Over-development: Butcher Hill Project
5. Legal/Lawsuits out of control
6. Refinery (possible lawsuits)
7. Schools (quality)
8. Raising revenue off of residents: trash fees increase, no parking ticketing, digital sign boards advertising

9. Coyotes
11.Sanctuary City Status
12.Trash, general upkeep of the city
13.Budget workshops
14.Preferential treatment of businesses over residents: Dealerships (selective law enforcement)
15. Lawsuit against the refinery?
16. Coordinating with Community Lead Officer Business
17. Penske behavior/corruption?
18. Bee lady—a new bee ordinance was issued earlier this year, which made it clear that anyone who opposed an apiary in a neighhbor’s yard would be grounds for an automatic denial of a permit. – Yet the city council overrode one complaint and allowed a Torrance resident to have a permit.
19. Lateral police officers with a record?

There is so much going on in the city of Torrance.

Its time for Torrance residents to take a stance and say "Enough is enough!"

Please let  me know if there are any other issues which should be added to the list above.

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