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The Remembrance Project: Incredible Victories for American Citizens and the Rule of Law


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Senator Charles Perry (R-Lubbock) filed SB4, which was passed by both chambers then signed by Governor Abbott.

The new law provides for criminal and civil penalties for police chiefs and sheriff’s that refuse to honor immigration detainers.  Read. full Breitbart article

Earlier this year, Travis County became the poster child for sanctuary cities when Sheriff Sally Hernandez led the nation in the first Immigration and Customs Enforcement Declined Detainer Outcome Report. That report revealed more than 70 percent of criminal aliens released nationwide after detainers were issued were in Travis County, Breitbart Texas reported.

"President Donald Trump's "America first" agenda is causing a ripple-effect across the country.  He has taken the side of average Americans and stands with our 'stolen lives' families, said Maria Espinoza, National Director. 

Will Texas now pass a bill to hold defiant Sheriffs personally accountable and at their own expense? 

Here are just  a few of our fellow-Texans who were killed by illegal aliens.  
Spencer Golvach, 25 year old musician who was waiting at a stop light when an illegal alien 4 times deported, spent 63 months in prison, pulled up beside Spencer and shot him in the head.  Spencer employed 9 people. The day he was murdered was to have been his grand opening of his new store, which he built out with his own hands..you know the job American won’t do.
Billy and Natalee Funderburg, husband and wife who were mowed over by while on their Harley.  A drunk illegal alien mowed them over and dragged them 2 football field lengths. After a hearing when and details of his brother and sister-in-laws terrible death, Billy’s younger brother, distraught over their killings, took his own life!  
Dr. Mario J. Gonzalez, who was gunned down by 4 illegals who planned on kidnapping his pregnant wife
Reece Gonzalez, 24 stabbed to death by 3 illegals while visiting his disabled uncle. Reece had just enlisted in the military.
Joshua Wilkerson, 18 year old who was attacked, choked, tortured, and dumped in a field and set on fire
Tina Davila, mother of 4 stabbed in the heart by a 28 year old illegal alien brought to US as a toddler.
Shatavia Anderson, 14, shot in the back while walking home.
Houston Police Officer Henry Canales, 

Houston Police Officer Dwayne Polk
Houston Police Officer Kevin Wills
Houston Police Officer Gary Gryder
Houston Police Officer Rodney Johnson

And below are Texans who were killed since July 2015

Captain Peter Hacking, 36
Ellie Hacking, 4
Grayson Hacking, 22 mos.
Angelica Martinez, 27
Pastor Jessie Sabillon, 60
Maria Sabillon 68
Yene Rivera, 18, and Sophia Rivera, 4
Jocelyn Valero, 18
Jose Hernandez
Sylvia Islas, 55
Kendra Hatcher, DDS, 35 
Kara Willingham, 27
Maricarmen Octaviiano, 21
Ruben Moreno, 33
Welton Betts, 44 
Kayla Gomez Orozco, 10
Elvira Martinez, 52
“Genesis”, 14
Jose Luis Oviedo, 56
Jennifer Delgado, 15, 
unborn Delgado, 32 wks
John Doe, 72
Name not released, 27
Mario Lopez, 20

[Above names courtesy of Betty Robinson, CA]


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EXCLUSIVE:  ICE, Remembrance Project Condemn ‘Vicious’ Attacks on Victims of Illegal Alien Crime

WASHINGTON, DC - "Progressives are showing 'vicious' contempt of the many ordinary Americans whose spouses, siblings or children have been killed, robbed, or raped by illegal-alien criminals", says Maria Espinoza.

Angel Wife Ruth Johnston-Martin interviews on FOX


House Committee on Oversight & Government Reform

Maria Espinoza - Congressional Testimony    Video
The Remembrance Project
National Director

Maria Congressional Testimony April 2017

Brandon Judd - Congressional Testimony  Video
National Border Council

Brando Judd Congressional Testimony April 27 2017

Steven Camarota - Congressional Testimony  Video
Center for Immigration Studies

Steven Camarota Congressional Testimony April 2017


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