Tuesday, May 2, 2017

My Meeting with Cudahy Activist/Bernie Supporter Edin Enamorado

After the busy weekend in Berkeley, I thought that I would get a few moments rest.

Even while in the Bay Area, however, I was receiving great messages of support as well as opportunities to speak with media.

And a libreal Democrat.

None other than Edin Enamorado, the left-leaning Cudahy resident and activist, reached out to me on Facebook and indicated that he wanted to speak with me.

He wanted to know my views on key issues, and why I was protesting in Cudahy along with the rest of We the People Rising.

At first, I was worried. After all, this was the same hard-core activist who had referred to legal American residents as "wetbacks" at the February 27, 2017 Cudahy City Council meeting:

At the re-installation meeting for the March 7 election winners. he still pressed me on key issues and protested my protesting the corrupt former mayor of Los Angeles Antonio Villaraigosa:

Who would have thought that two weeks later, we would be  ... talking peacefully about key issues?!

The discussion went back and forth about where and when to meet.

After all, I wanted to make sure that I wasn't walking into a trap.

He wanted to ensure the same for himself, of course.

We ended up meeting in the Harbor Gateway.

Here are three segments which cover the vast majority of our extended discussion:

At first, he preferred not to be recorded, but then he told me that it did not matter.

It was pretty incredible all the things that we talked about!

I ended up speaking on a wide variety of issues.

He understood where I stood on these concerns, including immigration--and how it's not about racism and hate.

He even apologized for the "wetback" comment!


After the time ran out on my camera phone, our discussion actually continued.

We ended up talking about serious moral and theological issues, the contents of which I will not post here for the sake of propriety.

This was a telling moment. Never had I found common ground in such a direct yet peaceful fashion, and in a meeting initiated by the left-leaning activist whose views I had opposed publicly.

Rather than going into greater detail about our discussion, I strongly encourage you to view and share these videos for yourself.

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  1. I also have spoken to him at the Water Town hall and he seems like a good guy to talk to. He brought up climate change and how we dismiss it. And do I know about climate change, SO I told him I'm glad you brought that scam up and here is why it is a scam. I told him in the 1930s, on record was the hottest decade ever and we had no SUVs back then. And in 1045 was the beginning of CO2 admissions due to the introduction of the automobile. It turns out that for 30 year the earth cooled on record. There fore climate change is a scam to carbon tax you and I straight into their pockets! So NASA started manipulating the data to fit the globalist agenda! He had nothing to say.