Thursday, May 4, 2017

HIRA President: Kill the Hawaii Crazy Train NOW!

What is it about these corrupt, supermajority Democratic blue states and high-speed rail?

California is dealing with Governor Brown's Crazy Train.

And in Hawaii, we have Eric Ryan, the President of the Hawaiian Islands Republican Assembly.

He is spoken out against this corrupt boondoggle, which I shall call the Honolulu Crazy Train:

So, what is it about these high-speed fantasies that make blue states go nuts?

1. Labor unions want them, since they will get lots of work and the big pensions and benefits which come with all that government-funded labor,

2. Big business wants them, since they can dictate contracts to go to their businesses, and bring in big bucks from elite businesses.

3. Agenda 21/Big Green advocates want them, since they will get people out of their cars.

So, Big Labor, Big Business, and Big Green loves Big Crazy Trains.

And guess which party these special interests dominate?

The Democratic Party, especially states which are overrun with Democratic money whore-mongers.

In the mean time, we need real Republicans like HIRA and the Beach Cities Republicans to fight back and be the real challenge to these liberal bullies.

Democratic policies will not end until real Republicans fight back!

So let's join with HIRA President Eric Ryan and shout "Stop the Crazy Train!"

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