Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Cudahy City Council Meeting: Lazy Kids, Crazy Brown Supremacists, and Me

The Cudahy City Council meeting on May 8th, 2017 was more interesting than I had expected it to be.

The meeting was sparsely attended.

But of course, some La Raza Nativist racists showed up, ready to start trouble:

Here's a wider view of how many people attended the meeting:

For the few people who attended, the action and conflicts which ensued more than made up for it.

Check out this first video:

Naui brought two partners in crime, whose names they did not share with the public, as far as I could recall. They are the latest in the Brown Supremacists trying to dismiss all citizens from California--just because they are not dark enough.

The Cudahy city council was missing Baru Sanchez. For some reason, he did not show up.

What is the matter with these kids? Don't they have any self-respect, or at least a modicum of regard for the residents of the city they claim to represent?

The public comment from city resident and community leaders was really powerful.

Of course, the Brown Supremacists played the race card, but most of the audienced booed or laughed at them:

Then Nick the Greek, the Founder of Immigrants Day, arrived!

Go Nick!

Here's a clip of the city council's public comments--not that they wanted to say anything important, of course!

Notice that during public comment from the residents, the city council would not look at the people in the audience.

Pretty shameful, I think.

Of course, the mayor's behavior was pretty disgraceful during the consent calendar discussion, too:

Of course, the Brown Supremacists were not behaving themselves, either:

These instigators got a real tongue-lashing from city residents. Why does Chris Garcia invite these racist agitators to the city council meetings?

They are very sad and angry people, with no knowledge of history.

They are racists, but they are also very ignorant, which might explain their racism.

Here's the next video:

The three corrupt Cudahy members want to shift the elections to even numbered years in November as fast as possible. They want to do anything they can to edge out other candidates and contested elections as soon as possible.

Of course, Chris Gracia had to take a dig at Voter ID laws, claimng that voter exhaustion was dumbing down voter turnout in the Southeast LA communities.

What's more likely depressing turnout is the rampant corruption and lack of accountability in the city from its elected officials.

Then they went off to closed session. I confronted Garcia a few times about his hateful remarks toward We the People Rising:

The Brown Supremacists were interested in causing trouble.

They were very noisy and disruptive. The sheriff's deputies had to tell them to be quiet and respectful toward the city councilmembers in closed session.

I went to get some flyers and a document from my car, and the Brown Supremacists showed up.

They are very funny!

Of course, they followed me into the city hall, so I had to inform the sheriff's deputies to keep an eye on them:

After Chris Garcia and the rest of the city council returned, they made a few short reports.

Then Cristian Hernandez left the city chambers. Markovich did nto even show up!


Naui and crew tried to blame me for shutting down the meeting!

But it was not my fault!

I have witnesses! Promise!

The residents in the audience were really upset.

The city attorney announced to the audience that the meeting was cancelled,

What a shameful city council!

"Where is everybody?"

But that did not stop me from confronting corrupt Cudahy Chris!

He got really angry, too!

Then the antics went from crazy to just plain funny!

They can't pronounce the words correctly!

They keep repeating themselves, and make less and less sense every time.

The Cudahy residents agreed: these Brown Supremacists are just annoying.

Not only that, but the Cudahy City Council once again showed how derelict they are in their duties as elected representatives. Councilman Hernandez was supposed to talk about crime free housing, but chose to skip the rest of the meeting instead.

While the Cudahy residents wanted to talk about solutions, the supremacists wanted to harass the working people of the community:

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