Saturday, July 21, 2018

New York Times Reporter Breaks Into US Senate Candidate Campaign Office


Politics is a rough and tumble sport.

But never in a million years did I anticipate that one day a New York Times reporter would literally break into one of my campaign staffer’s apartments, hoping to find something – anything – that they could use to slander and libel our campaign.

Yet, that’s exactly what transpired earlier this week.

And now, police have opened a formal investigation into the clearly illegal and unethical actions New York Times reporter Stephanie Saul.

The lengths to which these radical liberals posing as “journalists” will go just to write a Fake News story filled with lies, smears and attacks about my campaign and my supporters is utterly mind blowing.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again right now: Democrats do not care about you. The Fake News media does not care about you.

They do not care about your family.

To them, you simply do not matter – you are nothing.

They are obstructionists who will do anything they can to hold onto their power and ram their radical liberal agenda down our throats.

And if that means breaking the law, illegally breaking into the apartment of someone they disagree with – a charge that could land them in jail – they’re more than willing to pay the price.

For these radicals, the ends always justify the means.

These are the type of elitists who believe they're above the law that you and I are up against.

Nevertheless, I refuse to go quietly into the night, allowing these power hungry radicals to continue running around as if the rules don't apply to them.

But I need your help to not only fight back against Tim Kaine’s multi-million-dollar war chest, but to also fight back against the Fake News media like the Failing New York Times.

Your contribution will give our campaign the resources needed to rally more America First allies to our fight against these left-wing radicals.

But unless we have an influx of support from America First Patriots like you right away, I’m afraid we won’t have the resources to fight back.
You see, unlike Tim Kaine, our campaign isn’t bought and paid for by special interests or lobbyists.

Our campaign is fueled by grassroots conservatives just like you who contribute an average of less than $50 per donation.

And with the Mainstream Media virtually acting as the radical left's enforcers, I need your support now more than ever before.

Every dollar you can contribute will go directly to the fight against the lawless radical left and their Fake News media allies.

I’ll be in touch.

Corey Stewart
Republican for U.S. Senate (VA)

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