Monday, May 8, 2017

Chicano Activist Armando Navarro: "Fuhrer" Trump Wants to Exterminate Brown People

Armanda Navarro is a Professor Emeritus at UC Riverside.

Here's a sampling of all the books that he has written:

This Navarro guy is a marxist radical who hates free markets and Western Culture.

He was one of the summit organizers for the Latino and Mexicano summit at UC Riverside.

Check out the program for this event:

A host of corrupt officials, including Blanca Gomez of Victorville, CA and Chris Garcia of Cudahy.

It was incredible how much anti-American, anti-Trump, and anti-Western bile came out of his mouth.

"In my years of organizers, we have seen many crises. We have fought many battles."

They are comparing their parades and temper tantrums with our men and women in uniform who fought for this country? How many of these La Raza Nativists have spilled blood for this country?

Probably few, and those who suffered bodily harm were committing a crime.

"The burning isue that ignited the flames of our organizing throughout the state [of California] was immigration. Those coming battles over immigration were predicated on the whole issue of the demographic transformation that was beginning to take place in the early 1970s."

Navarro is talking about the rising number of Latinos in the state of California.

"With the mubers that we have,toda, the battles that were foughtin the 1970 80 and ear, our overcome today by an increibdle reality, that we hae not fae as a people lor as aoucnyt.

The reality of a Trump administraiton, that has clearly used us as Mexicanos as the scapegoats for the many issues and the problems that this country has ..."

Then his rhetoric took on a new, heated, insane turn, something that I could not believe I was hearing on a college campus, funded by Californians' tax dollars:

"And essential by criminalizing us, he has won an election in November last year. And now he has put in motion what I call "The Rise of the Fourth Reich."

Armando Navaarro

Yes, Navarro begins comparing the Trump Administration to the Nazi regime, which killed 6 million Jews and 7 million other "undesirables".

Classy--yet the epitome of Fake News. That is shameful what Navarro did. For him to talk like that, to compare our PResident, who was duly elected throughout our COnstiuttional process, as akin to a mass-murdering megalomaniac, is just offensive.

"Mr. Trump, from my perspective, I would call "Fuhrer Trump."

So, how many Jews have been arrested, rounded up into concentration camps and then systematically murdered?

How many countries has President Trump invaded? What ministry of propaganda is working in his favor to promote a series of lies about current events in the United States as well as around the world? These sloppy, meaningless comparisons of Trump and Adolf Hitler are beyond outrageous.

"Why? Because essentially, his election, his success ... knowing the realities of a Trump administration, about what it meant for us, on the immigration issue, the construction of a wall, what i call  "The Cactus Curtain", which is another word for an iron curtain ..."

Now Navarro is comparing Trump to the Stalinist Soviet premiers? This man claims to be a historian, yet commands such a weak, even fraudulent knowledge of history.

"The divisions he is creating. The polarization he is creating, witht the idea that he is going to deport massively 12 million undocumented, that he is not only going to deport these 12 million, but that he is going to create an ethnic cleansing process to halt the Remexicanization of the West, and the Re-Latinoization of the US."

So now Trump is Slobodan Milosevic?

This is the hysterical hositility of the Left,
claiming that Trump is another Hitler

Wow, these absurd allegations would be funny, if they weren't comng out an earnest man's mind and mouth.

"What you see here is a reality of the future. Brown folks are soon to become the majority. We are 40%.  We have 40% of the staate operation."

I shouted out that I am kind of brown, too since my skin has been in the sun.

Then another uestion comes to mind. For all Navarro's talk about Trump supposedly trying to wipe out Brown people, he then claims that Brown people are wiping out everyone else.

Who's the one engaging in ethnic cleansing, then?

"Time and history is on our side."

Sounds more and more fascist every time he opens his mouth.

"The numbers are there. And that's why Armando Navarro said "Something has to be done to move the Brown masses of people to confront Trump and what this man represents."

What doees he represent, exactly? Nothing in line with anything that Navarro blurted out to the audience. Of course, he claimed that all "brown people" are in a state of war and they need to know how to respond.

He then mentioned how he wanted to awaken the Latino-Mexicano giant. More ethnic chauvanism, huh?

Then he started to praise himself as the best organizer in the room. I think that Barack Obama get the awawrd for orginanzing people better than anyone else. For all his organizing, Navarro could not awaken that Brown Giant all the speakers were talking about at this summit.

In fact, 30% of Latinos actually voted for Trump! Furthermore, many Latino Leftist were disaffected with the Democratic Party from the primary to the very end. They wanted Bernie, and refused to vote for Crooked Hillary. Obama had lied to them when he had promised to provide some kind of amnesty for the illegal aliens in the country--and he refused. In fact, during the first two years of his administration, Obama did nothing, even though he had strong majorities in both chambers of Commerce includinga  filibuster proof majority in the United States Senate.

Blame Obama for not getting amnesty, Latino Democrats!

Then came the most offensive remarks out of Navarro's mouth:

"We are under a state of siege. Literl as the JEws in GEmraon were uner a stage of seg under hIlt, wer are aunder a state of eisgn under Donald Trump..

Janice Montgomery blasted Navarro for such an offensive, insensitive, false comparison: "Don't say that! I have relatives who died in the Holocaust!"

Verguenza, Navarro!

Final Reflection

Who are the real racists here?

Is it the Trump supporters, who brought a wider spectrum of racial diversity, or the Latino and Mexicano Summit in which the leaders and the guest speakers spent more time promoting "Brown Power" and Chicanos, while mislabing President Trump a protype of Adolf Hitler.

The rhetoric was ignorance, hateful, and full of falsehood.

This is the kind of "education" that young people are enduring in college. And it's time to stop it.

Contact Prof. Navarro's office, and demand that he stop fomenting anti-American, non-Chicano hate.

Tell him to stop attacking President Trump and to stop undermining our country:

Armando Navarro
Professor Emeritus

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