Tuesday, May 9, 2017

What Happened in Cudahy? (It Was Crazy and Fun!)

So, what happened in Cudahy tonight?

Well, I did not get thrown out (Yay! The Sheriff's deputies were so proud of me. LOL!)

Nick the Greek was there, and we celebrated Donald Trump's victory

At public comment, I praised Governor Greg Abbott for signing the bill to ban sanctuary cities. I demanded an apology from Chris Garcia for calling me and my We the People Rising friends "White Supremacists."

Also ... Chris Garcia tried to lecture me about decorum, but I ended up silencing him -- he still gave me a warning.

Jack M Guerrero had to fight for motions and seconds on the floor.

The residents who care about honest government came out in full force -- Carmen Hernandez Sergio Vasquez Roman Gonzalez oand others.

And after a small closed session period, Councilmembers Christian Markovich and Cristian Hernandez RAN away - and the meeting ended without a quorum.

Robert Newman will understand -- I shouted "What's going on here? Resume the meeting!" But it was too late.

Chris Garcia tried to tell me to be uiet, but I told him off: "You are not the presiding officer, since there's no quorum. He was really unhappy to hear that.

Chris Garcia got really nervous when I slammed him publicly, especially for calling me, Agnes Gibboney, Chanell Temple, Dura Young, Harim Uziel, and the rest of LA for Trump/We the People Rising "White supremacists."

He didn't explain why he was supposed to attend a "Brown Power" summit in UC Riverside, either.

Of course, I could not avoid having fun with my new best friend Naui.

For some reason, he doesn't believe that indigenous Americans like me should be able to wander freely in the United States

The crazy La Raza racists lost their minds, too. They told me to go back to Torrance, then told me to go back to Europe! FUNNY! No one takes them seriously anymore.

It was a fun meeting -- and it ended with the city council members running away -- AGAIN! "Come back to the meeting!"

More to follow!

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