Wednesday, May 10, 2017

"Voter Fraud!": Convicted Felon Nativo Lopez at De Leon Brown Power Summit

During the Brown Power summit hosted by Armando Navarro, with keynote speaker Kevin De Leon, one of the members of We the People Rising told me about this guy,

Nativo Lopez.

He's the guy wearing the green shirt, next to illegal alien Luis Nolasco:

This guy in green is

Robin Hvidston, Director of We the People Rising, wrote:

Yesterday at the Latino Summit - Nativo Lopez - he was in a green shirt and while he spoke some of us blurted out VOTER FRAUD.  He was convicted of voter fraud felony with a very long and checkered case.  It was purported he submitted over 600 noncitizens voter ballots and registered to vote in Santa Ana and Boyle Heights.  There is a photo in the article so you can probably recognize who he was at the panel yesterday. 

He once a big player in the illegal alien movement more than 10 years ago.  He still heads up Hermidad Mexicana Latinoamerica.    ALSO, when we were recently at the Cudahy cc meeting where we bumped into Villaraigosa, I saw Nativo Lopez there with Villarraigosa.

Can you believe yesterday there was a convicted felon on that panel of lawlessness? And we had the top Senator in CA Kevin de Leon - who is fine with fake ID - also there in the lawlessness...

Betty had sent me an article as she remembered him too and here is another OC Register article.

"Voter Fraud?! What voter fraud?"

Yes, Lopez is a felon. 

And he was another welcomed speaker at this Brown Power summit?

These criminals are immoral lawbreakers on so many levels. Do they have no shame left?

Here's a segment from the OC Register article:

Immigrant-rights activist and former Santa Ana schools trustee Nativo Lopez pleaded guilty today to one felony count of voter-registration fraud related to charges that he lived in Santa Ana when he registered to vote in Los Angeles in 2008.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge William C. Ryan sentenced Lopez to three years probation and ordered him to complete 400 hours of community service. Seven remaining felony counts – including perjury, filing a false instrument and fraudulent voting – were dropped by Deputy District Attorney Ed Miller.

This man was an elected official, too!

All of us shouted out "Voter Fraud" when he was speaking.

Because he is a ... fraud!

A shameful racist fraud.

What is it with these left-wing Hispanics? The only way they win elections is through ... VOTER FRAUD!

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