Wednesday, May 3, 2017

UPDATE: Who Else is Leaving the Corrupted AD-66 Republican Central Committee?


Janice Webb, the corrupt, craven, micro-managing chairwoman of the 66th AD Central Committee just can't catch a break.

People thought I was a great leader ...

First, she threatens, alienates, and then ultimately pushes to remove the charter for one of the most successful Republican clubs in Los Angeles County.

Then she alienates and irritates members of the Central Committee which she chairs.

Isn't she supposed to help Republicans get elected?

What about raising money and registering voters?


Now, two members of the Central Committee have walked off, although their reasons have not been clearly announced (one can certainly guess, and none of it is good for the RINO-PLAC Executive leadership of Janice "Caught in a" Webb of Lies.

Then there's more.

Words in the background suggest that MORE MEMBERS are about to jump ship.

Who could they be?!

And why so many defections?

Why ride a corrupted, creaking central committee which spends more time undermining Republican activists and candidates instead of helping to build the team?

It's time for more Republicans to follow the pattern of the Hawaiian Island Republican Assembly and demand the following:

1. Clean House

2. WIN!

3. Make California Great Again

With crappy, failing leaders like Janice Webb, Richard Sherman, and Mark Vafiades, leadership that continues to lose will be the norm rather than the slight exception!

Enough is enough!

.. But I'm really a useless micromanager ...
And that's why everyone's quitting  the Central Committee

Call Janice Webb, and demand that she step down from her corroded lack of leadership NOW!

Janice Webb – Chairperson     

 310.493.2456 Cell

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