Sunday, May 14, 2017

Schooling the Left, and Getting Them Right

I love stumping for Trump, and changing left-leaning minds one person at a time!

So, last night I am settling down.

I just finished three hours of awesome debate, watching Trump supporters from all over LA County make their case for Trump at the Third Street Promenade.

I am settling down at the local fast food joint.

Then this guy who works security at LAX sees me -- and I am wearing my MAGA hat, Trump cape, and Trump Election Victory shirt.

He starts in with me about "What Will Make America Great?"

I know his angle is to criticize the President--it's easy to tell by now.

He switches his questions around a lot, and asks me why I think that Trump is great:

1. Secures our borders

2. Stops the funding of abortions overseas with our tax dollars.

3. Protects the Second Amendment--better than Ronald Reagan.

(4. And there are many more reasons!)

I talked about illegal immigration, and how illegals are killing Americans. Before he could say, I knew and responded to the argument about Americans killing Americans.

“Yes, that is our problem, but illegals should not be in the country in the first place.”

I then informed him that 40% of our illegal immigration problem is Visa overstays, and we need to deal with that too. English illegal aliens need to be deported, too.

He wasn’t ready for that, since he probably thought I was going to off on “Mexicans” only.

This guy then starts in with "who are your ancestors" blah blah blah - he wanted to play the "indigenous" card. I told him I am a Native American, because that word "native" comes from the Latin word meaning "birth”. I am a native American, because I was born in this country.

He asked what I thought about the American Health Care Act vs. Obamacare. At that point, he talked about the "tax cuts for millionaires and billionaires," I then listed all the local and national figures of men and women who have lost their health insurance. I also talked about the working poor and unemployed who cannot afford health insurance, and get taxed for it!

That shut him down.

He then wanted to take the other line of anti-Trump talk, that this country has not been good, because of historical prejudice and injustice.

I then educated him on the following:

1. 600,000 white Americans died on the fields of battle to end black slavery.

2. Countries like Malaysia routinely discriminate against Chinese nationals, and yet they thrive in spite of the government-imposed discrimination.

3. Black Americans thrived in this great country—in spite of government persecution, including the DEMOCRATIC KKK. Black Americans boosted their literacy rate from ZERO to 50% over one generation -- you can succeed in this country even in the face of government persecution.

4. This country--no country's government--has ever been “perfect”, but has improved, and everyone has a chance to make it in this life in this great country.

Two or three times, the store manager called for the LAX security guy to get his food, but he sat there and listened to me. He probably thought he was going to school me on how unfair everything is. But he got the real education from me that night – and I gave him my card to contact me if he had any other questions.

I love stumping for Trump, and changing left-leaning minds one person at a time!

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