Thursday, May 11, 2017

Making California Great Again: CRA Summit at Trump National Golf Course

The South Bay Republican Assembly, teaming up with the Torrance Lomita Republican Assembly and National Republican Assemblies put together an incredible get-together.

What better place to meet than the Trump National Golf Course in Rancho Palos Verdes?

All the activists, candidates, and political figures--a who's who in GOP circles--showed up!

The photos speak for themselves.

It was a great honor to attend!

Check out Chanell Temple and Harim Uzziel from Los Angeles County for Trump:

David Feiner and Emily Hemingway from The Red Elephants were there, too!

Randi Berger of San Fernando Valley for Trump was there, along with her awesome Trump Van!

The view from the golf course is spectacular!

And one more with the sunshine!

Guess who showed up?

Assemblywoman Shannon Grove, my pick for State Senate District 16 in Election 2018!

She's awesome!

Check out these silhouette profiles along the golf course, too:

Edwin Duterte, the President of the South Bay Republican Assembly, took a great photo with me and future state senator Shannon Grove:

And my good friend, Homie Harim Uzziel!

Since we were meeting at the Trump Golf Course, of course we were going to run into families dining at the restaurant.

They loved my Trump cape so much, that I offered to take photos with them!

Then the announcements, presentations, and festivities began!

Check out the whole video here:

When Omar Navarro stepped up, he invited his team of supporters.

He said that I could join him on the steps, too!

Check out the diverse crowd of Republicans!

Check out this video!

Members of We the People Rising, LA for Trump, the different Republican Assemblies, all joined together to Make California Great Again!

Here's the second part of the event!

Lots of great people running for US Senate and for other offices spoke out!

Rick Marshall of the TLRA handed out certificates of appreciation to the guest speakers and candidates.

May our banner yet wave over our country!

God Bless Donald Trump for keeping this flag flying!


Chanell and I had a lot to talk about when it comes to the American flag, and Trump's decision to allow the flag to fly on the flag, even if residents in Rancho Palos Verdes complained about the view of the bay.

And here's me again!

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