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The People vs. Sanctuary State: April 3rd, 2018

I wanted to pay special attention to this day.

Tuesday, April 3rd was quite a whirlwind of a day for me. I intended to attend four public meetings, and I made it to everyone of them. The network of American patriots all over Southern California is doubling down hard against the sanctuary state lawlessness foisted upon us by Kevin De Leon and his Democratic cohorts.

The state of California has turned into a violent, left-wing laughingstock. Aside from elite politicians making due to enrich themselves and protect themselves behind forced concrete and gated walls, the rest of the state is mired in poverty, insecurity, degradation, and total loss. The poverty rates are skyrocketing, along with the crime rates. The political class in Sacramento gets rich off of big contracts and consultant fees. Labor unions and overfed bureaucrats run the show to their own benefit.

Only because of the outrageous revelations of sexual abuse and harassment have we seen lawmakers finally forced out of office. Even then, however, it took months and massive pressure from grassroots activists in the media and on the street to get rid of these abusers. What's worse ... one of the #MeToo champions, Cristina Garcia, turned out to be an abuser in turn.

Today, we the people can't wait any longer for a semblance of sanity to return to Sacramento and to our state. The overrun lawlessness has endangered one life after another, entire cities, businesses, too. The very nature of the rule of law is in total jeopardy.

The state has no right to put law enforcement in an impossible bind. Elected officials, too, face a growing dilemma on the immigration front. Do they commit to protecting communities from rampant violent thugs who are in the country, or not? Do business owners follow through on ICE requests, or do they push aside ICE demands and face federal prosecution?

Los Alamitos officially challenged this outrage law with their own ordinance. SB 54 is clearly violating federal law as well as the Founding Charter, and they stepped out and declared that they would not comply with a rogue state ordinance.

Now more Californians are taking the fight against this lawlessness all over the state.

For me, on April 3rd, I appeared in four public jurisdictions.

First, I went to the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors. The meetings have become easier for me to navigate, considering that they have now set up electronic counters for members of the public to sign in and comment. Pretty impressive.

In the past, the Board allowed audience members to comment as much as they pleased. Now they have limited public comment to six minutes total. Unreal. I can speak for one minute on six items, or a total of three minutes on two items, etc. This is a joke. These politicians have no interest in listening to the public, especially since they have become more openly engaged in pushing back at the arrogant, arbitrary nature of their "representatives."

I cannot stand to call them "supervisors". They do not supervise me! They work for me, or at least they are supposed to work for me ...

The biggest issue before the Board on illegal immigration connected with the 2020 census question touching on citizenship. The Trump Administration, and every administration prior, has a responsibility to ensure that citizens--not illegals--are counted. The state of California has inordinate Congressional representation because of the massive influx of illegal aliens in the state. They should not be voting (although they are now, since the automatic motor-voter law does not screen out non-citizens with drivers licenses not getting on the voter rolls.

This is a travesty, and I support the Trump Administration taking this commonsense step on the 2020 census. Sadly, the entire Board (minus Mark Ridley-Thomas, who was absent) decided that their need for big federal dollars far exceeded the proper respect and domain for the voter franchise. Even Kathryn Barger caved and went along with the proposed amicus brief, but argued that it had nothing to do with "documented or undocumented."

Give me a break!

Another agenda item talked about a bill rights for all students to an Arts Education ... and it included a reference against discrimination "regardless of legal status." Outrageous. What about American students? What about young children born in this country? The LA County Board of Supervisors took an oath of office to uphold and defend the United States Constitution, not to protect illegal aliens. I mentioned to the Board that "We the People" refers to citizens, not just to any kind of resident, whether limited or life-long. Chanell Temple and I attended the meeting to voice our demands for citizens' needs to come first, not illegal aliens.

We then visited the Board members' offices on the 4th floor. They sit safely behind locked doors and security. As soon as we showed up, along with Chanell's friend Everett, we recorded how the politicians have the secure offices and elite security, yet they don't care one whit for the protection and well-being of the citizenry throughout the county. It's really creepy to see what has become of Los Angeles County. This region of California was beautiful, vibrant, and diverse.

Now it has become overrun with third world economic migrants from Latin America, while middle class homeowners and small business owners are getting chased out of their homes and state.

Despite losing time to speak before the Board of Supervisors, there was one small benefit: I left the Board of Supervisors at 12:30 with plenty of time to get to San Juan Capistrano and rest up for the next three events.

The San Juan Capistrano city council also discussed opting out/condemning SB 54, the sanctuary state law. It was pretty evident from the outset that we had support on the council and within the audience. There were naysayers and critics of the move, but everyone of us got to speak. The Mayor enforced clear decorum throughout the meeting as best as he could.

One person in the audience had contacted Robin Hvidston prior to the city council, and her efforts had ensured that one of the councilmembers would bring up the topic for discussion. That's what I call representative government.

There was one Indivisible/Brown Supremacist in the audience, a common staple at events throughout Orange County. I asked him plainly if he had a door that he locked at night, or if there were walls around his home. He refused to answer me. There were other young people with signs that read "Sanctuary for All" and "Support SB 54." What a sad sight. I wonder if these young people understand the full consequences of their perverse commitment to open borders at the expense of the rule of law. Our government should never have entered into the business of benevolence to begin with, and now the sovereignty of our country hangs in dire balance because of this misapplied emotional approach to the rule of law.

Most of the comments on the Resolution item supported the council's decision. Of course, there were SJC residents who didn't want the city getting into this politically fraught issue, but what choice did any of them have? The state of California made the brazen, disastrous decision of turning public safety into a political issue, putting the demands of illegal aliens and their enablers ahead of the rule of law and law-abiding, taxpaying citizens.

After comments from the public, the council spoke.

I was really pleased that one of the city councilmembers informed the public that he was an immigration attorney. He actually sympathized with the plight of those who immigrate legally to the United States. They pay huge sums of money while filling out reams of paperwork. He cared about the rule of law!

Another city councilman, who is running for Congress, admitted that the city and the state should be protecting people, not making it easier for lawless criminals to run around in our state and get away with murder and other crimes. The only dissenting vote was the mayor, who first shared that the city should not take any kind of stand on the immigration and "Sanctuary State" situations to begin with. Since he recognized that these charged political issues would become a mainstay in future meetings, he exposed his left-wing tilt and commented "This is why the Republican Party is a minority in the state of California."

Actually, the Republican Party is a minority because the rule of law has slipped away, especially on immigration, as more government subsidizes poverty and dependence while allowing Big Labor to bully individual citizens and business owners. California invites welfarism, dependence, and illegal immigration on top of everything else. There is no surprise to anyone why California has turned into a third-world shithole.

The San Juan Capistrano city council voted to approve their resolution 4-1 against Sanctuary State.

Next, I rushed up to Fountain Valley. Members of our LA County for Trump team had been there way before. As soon as I walked up to the chambers, they were telling me to get in there right away and speak out against sanctuary state. The city council had intimated that they were not going to do anything, but would rather simply permit members of the public to speak their mind on the issue.

I was dumbfounded that so many Fountain Valley residents--assuming that they were telling the truth--actually wanted to permit the lawless, dangerous policy to remain in place. I thought this was Orange County. In Fountain Valley, it began to seem as though Claremont had moved south. Lots of college students were there, plus old, angry liberals who reminded me of hippies who never grew up.

I didn't learn until after leaving the meeting that Congressman Dana Rohrabacher had spoken at the city council meeting earlier that evening. He offered to pay for the city's amicus brief with the Department of Justice. Still, at the time it looked pretty bleak, as though Fountain Valley was going to "cuck out".

Despite the seeming desperation, lots of patriots from Orange and LA Counties showed up and pledged their support and demanded that the city support an end to SB 54. I ended up leaving after sharing my comments. I didn't leave the city council feeling all that upbeat. Besides the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors, this was the least positive meeting that I attended that day.

The good news? The city council passed the resolution 3-1-1, with the mayor abstaining. It was a stunning reversal, all due to Congressman Rohrabacher's pledge to pay for the city's amicus brief with the DOJ.

Way to go, Dana!

The last city was West Covina.

I had planned to get to that Northeastern LA County city by 9:00pm, but the extensive number of speakers in Fountain Valley slowed me down quite a bit. In the long run, everything worked out for me. I didn't get to the West Covina city hall until 9:50, but the public comment section was still going strong.

The patriots were loud and proud, speaking out against lawless sanctuary state. The members of our team who had appeared in San Juan Capistrano and Fountain Valley showed up in full force in West Covina. We saw San Fernando Valley for Trump there, too.

It was moving and powerful! The Brown Supremacists, the Brown Nazis didn't like the pushback, and their numbers were not as strong as they wanted them to be. In spite of the best efforts, however, West Covina did not move on that agenda item. Mayor Mike Spence made a motion, but there was no second.

It was a small setback, but we are WINNING nonetheless. Men and women throughout Los Angeles County are moving fast and strong to stop this lawlessness and put an end to the immoral, unconstitutional sanctuary state. More cities are investigating the steps they can take to stand up to this law, and they are working closely with attorneys and fellow city councilmembers to put a stop to this madness.

More cities are lining up fast!

This is YUGE, folks. We are Making California Great Again!

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  1. RINO LA County Supervisor Kathryn Barger might as well become a Democrat. Too liberal to be a Republican and she could really hand the 5th Supervisor district to a Democrat if she chose not to run for re-election. We miss Michael D Antonovich who was term-limited and also the most conservative member of the county board of supervisors who was re-elected in overwhelming numbers despite changing voter demographics. This non-partisan 5th Supervisor district has a Democratic plurality in voter registration since the 2000s.