Sunday, April 29, 2018

HA HA! Jerry Brown Bows to Trump, Sending Troops to the Border

This article is a little late in writing, and Brown put a bunch of caps and limitations on how the National Guard would be deployed at the border.

My answer? Let's just see how long his opposition last, for I doubt that he will get away with such brazen, lawless intransigence.

After days of speculation, California has decided that it will comply with Washington's requests to deploy National Guard personnel to the border California shares with Mexico.

This language, this diffident attitude is complete unacceptable. State Governors do not get to choose which laws they obey, which executive orders they comply with, and which orders they can ignore. The President has the right and authority to assembly the national guard as needed for any event.

In a statement published Wednesday morning, Governor Jerry Brown said the California National Guard would accept federal funding to beef up border security, much like Arizona, New Mexico and Texas have.

Would Governor Brown really reject federal money? For any reason? It's hard to believe that Democrats have become so cold-hearted to the needs of California's diverse citizenry. Public safety and the rule of law should not be partisan issues, yet the modern Democratic Party has done exactly that. Such brazen disregard for the role of the state is disgusting and must be confronted.

But he attached a disclaimer and made it clear his acceptance of funds didn't indicate he agreed with the federal government's agenda on immigration and borders.

No one cares whether you agree or disagree with a law. The rule of law must be upheld, and you need to deal with it!

"Let's be crystal clear on the scope of the mission," he wrote. "This will not be a mission to build a new wall. It will not be a mission to round up women and children or detain people escaping violence and seeking a better life. And the California National Guard will not be enforcing federal immigration laws."

No one expects the border guard to arbitrarily round up mothers and children. Being a mother, being a child is not a deportable offense. Residing in the country illegally: that is a deportable offensive, and one not open for debate. Shame on the California Democratic Party for making illegal aliens more important than citizens. Shame!

The deployment's purpose, Governor Brown said, is to supplement the state's existing efforts to "combat transnational crime" which already have stationed fifty-five servicemembers at the border.

Of course, the best way to fight transnational gangs is to ... Build That Wall!!

"The location of Guard personnel – and number specifically working in support of operations along the border, the coast and elsewhere in the state – will be dictated by the needs on the ground," Brown's press secretary Evan Westrup said.

Final Reflection

This is a victory of sorts for the President. The one governor I know of who is sticking her feet to resist the President is Kate Brown of Oregon. She should be impeached for the disastrous behavior she is engaging in. She wants to turn the Beaver State into a sanctuary for illegal aliens--and she has done exactly that with the stroke of a pen. She routinely pushes back against President Trump.

She got really upset that I was wearing a MAGA hat in the state legislature, and apparently the state staffers have put my name on some list so that I cannot enter the building anymore. Who do they think they are? This is outrageous!

The First Amendment does not stop outside the legislature. If anything, a government building like the Oregon State House should be embracing the United States Constitution in its fullest form.

At any rate, California has not completely lost its mind, yet. There is hope, and we see that even governors in deep blue states have to play by the same rules as everyone else.

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