Monday, April 9, 2018

Get the National Right To Work Act Up for Vote in Congress!


This is important.

In the next several months, Big Labor will attempt to take over BOTH the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives in one fell swoop.

They are unleashing a multi-billion-dollar attack in a furious endeavor to elect their handpicked politicians.

But you and I can torpedo Big Labor's plans... exposing forced-dues partisans in Congress to the nearly 80% of Americans who know compulsory unionism is just plain wrong.

Roll call votes on the National Right to Work Act
(H.R. 785 & S. 545) will do just that

And as you know, nothing in Washington moves unless it's pushed.

That's why your Committee's Cosponsor Blitz designed to pressure Congress to vote on and pass the National Right to Work Act is so important.

And a generous donor has graciously agreed to match donations towards Sunday's fundraising deadline.

So now is the time to turn the heat up full-blast!

Can you rush in at least $10 before Sunday's deadline?

Rush in $10 >>
Rush in $25 >>
Rush in $50 >>
Rush in $100 >>
Rush in $250 >>
Thank you, Arthur.

-- National Right to Work Committee

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