Saturday, April 21, 2018

BREAKING: Endorsement for Aurelio Mattucci (Will Push for Ordinance to Opt Out of SB 54)

Aurelio Mattuci could not have been clearer on the matter at the latest Beach Cities Republicans meeting.

He will push for an ordinance for Torrance to Opt Out of SB 54.

That's what I want--and that's what the city of Torrance needs. The Balanced City is a standard for how other cities are operating. The rest of the county should follow

I want ALL city council candidates and members to oppose SB 54 and push for an official opt out.

Here's the letter he sent to me:

Hi Arthur,

The momentum is to say the least, inspiring.

I believe there is hope if we stick together behind the cause. 

Anyways, count me in.  Once elected, I will push for an ordinance to opt out of the SB 54 State Mandate.

With 4 votes we can get it done. 

Thank you for your activism,

Aurelio Mattucci 

FYI--He's an immigrant (yes, he came LEGALLY) to the United States. Isn't it good news to see people who came to this country legally wanting to make sure that the rule of law is restored and upheld ... in our own city?!

So far, the three candidates running for city council with the better vision for the city are all immigrants

George Chen
Aurelio Mattucci
Bill Sutherland--He was born in Europe, arrived in Canada, then acme to the United States and became a citizen here.

Interesting. The three immigrants running for Torrance City council are also Republicans. So much for the argument that Democrats are the party of immigrants ...

Here are the three candidates I am supporting for Torrance City Council, and their websites.

Please donate and help them get on the city council!

George Chen (Born in Taiwan)

Aurelio Mattucci (Born in Italy)

Bill Sutherland (Born in Scotland)

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