Sunday, April 1, 2018

Donald Trump Getting Tough: No DACA Deal! Build the Wall! No More NAFTA!

Here comes the resurrection of the Trump Presidency.

He is back!

A caravan of 1,200 migrants are driving through Central America and now Mexico. They are heading for the United States and they want amnesty. The Mexican government is doing nothing to stop them.

What else do we need to do? What other message must we send to the world that will not continue to take their economic migrants looking to get on the public dole while driving the United States into third-world oblivion?

Look what Trump had to tweet today:
We need to end the lawlessness and the open borders nonsense. There will be no amnesty without more illegals rushing the border demanding the "right" to break into our country.

The answer is "No".

And of course, Mexico is not playing by their own rules, but rather allowing these illegal migrants to trudge through their country to invade ours:
The President should just pull the plug on NAFTA now. Mexico does not want to engage in any kind of good faith with our country. No more bailouts, no more tolerance, no more lawless disregard for our borders and our sovereignty.
What have we been saying for the last five years, Mr. President? Any step toward amnesty or pathways to citizenship for illegal aliens in our country will simply invite more to rush our borders to break into the country.

I am glad to hear that DACA is over. The Democrats overplayed their hand and tried to hijack our government for illegal aliens. Now we need to stop chain migration, H-1B abuses, the diversity VISA lottery, and punish employers who hire illegal aliens instead of American citizens.


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  1. Great blog, I could not agree more. Government exists for the purpose of promoting and protecting the interests of its Citizens. Amnesty for lawbreakers is NOT in the interests of the US citizenry - it is a betrayal of our franchise. Deliberately seeking to dilute our franchise is Treason.