Thursday, May 4, 2017

Selective Enforcement in Torrance: Local Business Harassed by Anonymous Tip

No this?!

So, Penske breaks the rules with impunity and gets away with it, but when a small cooking shop does something wrong based on an anonymous tip, all hell breaks loose!

Here's the state from Bluff Cove Olive Company:

So much double dealing, so little time.

When does it end in this town?

The pension liabilities are enormous and growing. The cost of doing business in the city is ridiculous.

But what really bothers me?
The selective enforcement of the local and county ordinances.

What is this madness?

Torrance needs to be a safe haven for businesses, where they can escape the brazen insanity of Los Angeles County and State government.

It's not happening right now, though.

That's a big problem. What can be done about this?


  1. Elect Omar Navarro for Congress in the 43rd district

  2. Change is badly needed. A century old politician needs to go.They no longer work for the people, but rather THEIR OWN POCKETBOOKS.