Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Latino Press Fail Re: Kevin De Leon Brown Power Summit

The dedicated effort of La Raza hatemongers is palpable, yet diminishing.

They still want to play the race card and the anit-immigrant card against We the People Rising and all pro-enforcement activists throughout the state of California.

But instead of fearing what the media will report, we are standing our ground and fighting for what is right.

After all, it was George W. Bush who reminded Matt Lauer: "You guys used to be important!"

Not any more!

Of course, the Latino-based news will stay play up their cause as the righteous moral calling.

A summit that intended to mobilize some of Southern California’s Latino leaders against President Donald Trump’s “harmful” policies became fraught with controversy.

"Became"? It was already controversial the moment they announced the most radical of leftist organizers, who were intent on undermining our country's immigration laws.

The key speakers were talking about the Brown Giant rising to take over the state of California. All of these hateful, overtly racist, balkanizing statement are controversial to the core.

Those who attended the Mexican@ and Latin@ State Summit, held last Saturday at UC Riverside, witnessed heated arguments between event organizers and Trump supporters.

Indeed the arguments were heated. No one who loves this country, who loves this state wants to see a bunch of race-baiting La Raza thugs take over and push everyone else into second-class status.

Despite flaring tension and disruptions, the meeting finished with no reported incidents of arrests or violence.

Of course there was no violence, at least from We the People Rising. We are not violent, and we do not disrupt meetings.

But we are not afraid to call out our elected officials when they lie to us, when they undermine federal laws, when they work to make Americans less safe while promoting hatred.

Summit leaders are confident they will push forward with what they say is a long term strategy to “countervail and halt Trump’s nationalist policies.”

Not going to happen.

Oh, and the Brown Power summit was full of people pushing their own nationalist policies, they're own interest to steal California and the rest of the Southwest and turn these American terroritories into "Aztlan."

“It is our job to be diligent in making sure we do all we can to protect all of our communities, including our immigrant communities,” said Assemblywoman Eloise Reyes (D-Grand Terrace). “The California legislature remains committed…to establishing our state as place of unity and safety.”

No they aren't! In fact, the state legislature is furthering dividing the citizens of California against their government, underminig the rule of law and endangering the lives of many Americans. All of this Anti-American hate must be confronted.

The dozen or so Trump supporters, many of whom are affiliated with right-wing group We The People Rising, taunted, teased, and jeered at Latino panelists for speaking in Spanish and defending immigrant rights.

First of all, there were fifteen of us.

Second, the room was partially empty, judging by the growing number of unfilled seats at the back of the auditorium. One would thing that lots of raving Chicanos would show up to join the Brown Resistance. But they didn't.

Last of all, we got a great deal of attention at the meeting for calling out the corruption and lawlessness of the whole summit.

Jon and Ken talked about us on their daily radio show!

Summit keynote speaker Kevin De León faced the brunt of We The People Rising’s criticism. The group called the state’s Senator Pro Tempore an “anchor baby”, “lawbreaker”, and “traitor” as he addressed the audience.

Kevin De Leon and his left-wing La Raza radicals are indeed anchor babies, law breakers, and traitors.

Is anyone suprised? De Leon is pushing sedition and treason, attacking the President, seeking to undermine the rule of law. 

Then the writer quotes me:

“We the People Rising hounded and booed his every lie,” wrote Arthur Schaper, a member of the right-wing group. “We demanded accountability and respect for our nation’s laws, and a return to national supremacy and state sovereignty.”

YES! I stand by these remarks. I am so proud to speak out against this hateful man and his insidious rhetoric.

During his keynote address, De León (D-Los Angeles) criticized Trump for his aspirations of stripping sanctuary cities of federal dollars and rebuked House and Senate Republicans for supporting a health care bill that would be, “the largest tax cut for the wealthiest of Americans.”

We all want to be wealthy, and no one gets wealthy by making everyone poorer.

“Poor people will get sicker,” De León said. “And as a result, more people will die when their health care is taken away from them.”

No they won't. Janet West and I reminded the entire room that Obama lied to every American in the country about Obamacare.

"If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. If you like your insurance plan, you can keep your insurance plan."

NOPE! What a bunch of frauds, and to this day, the media still give Obama lip service and fawning coverage, despite his record gaffes, fibs, likes and frauds.

Shame on all of them.

Many Latinos and progressive democrats view De León as the leader of the Trump resistance–mainly due to his authorship of Senate Bill 54, which aims to prohibit local and state law enforcement cooperation with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Notice the typo "progressive democrats" with a lower-case "d". This whole scheme has been cooked up by the California Democratic Party--the larger organization--and the entire Democratic Party of California controls the state legislature, and the unions control the California Democratic Party.

So do the La Raza radicals, the Big Green lobby, and every other perverse, communistic interest with any name or money.

De León promised the audience that the state will continue to uphold the progressive values that he believes are being jeopardized by the Trump administration.

No it won't. We the People Rising denounced his voter and ID fraud advocacy, his rampant lawlessness, and the dangers that he posed to all Californians.

“Our values, our vision, our economic progress is in direct conflict with the new administration’s vision for America,” said De León. “And we’re going to have to fight like never before.”

Yes, you can fight all you want -- and we will still win!

The moment De Leon mentioned SB 54, we shouted him down without ending.

None of us will tolerated the lawlenss that he promotes.

None of us!

Americans First!

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