Saturday, July 23, 2016

California MassResistance--En Masse Protests at Assembly Offices

July 22, 2016.

California MassResistance targeted five assemblymembers' offices.

Not just Patrick O'Donnell (D-Long Beach, San Pedro), but also:

1. Miguel Santiago (D-Los Angeles)

2. Chris Holden (D-Claremont, Pasadena)

3. Ian Calderon (D-La Mirada, City of Industry)

4. Tom Daly (D-Santa Ana, Anaheim)

Let's take the results of each office visit one by one.

1. Miguel Santiago

The leader for this visit, William Rodriguez Morrison, reported to me the following.

He received a phone call on Thursday night, 6:30pm. A staffer basically left a message to cancel the meeting.

Unprofessional and unacceptable.

There is no excuse for an elected official to snub constituents, especially on an issue of such grave importance.

Every news media outlet which contacted me, I told them immediately about the Los Angeles meeting with Assemblyman Santiago, and the fact that he canceled it at the last minute.

2. Chris Holden

He claims to be a Christian.

He goes to a local Calvary Chapel in the region, too.

There is no reason for him to support the tyrannical and abuse SB 1146.

Robin Hvidston of Claremont, along with Judi Neal and two others from the Chino Tea Party confronted staffers at Holden's Claremont office.

The state legislature needs to understand that California residents--and California MassResistance in particular, will not rest until this legislation is pulled and thrown away.

Judi Neal rejected the outlandish claims that colleges are discriminatory against individuals because of their private behaviors.

3. Ian Calderon

We have no reports as of yet about visits to Calderon's office, He remains a key target for California MassResistance not just because he sits on the next committee for SB 1146's next hearing, but because he serves as the current Assembly Majority Leader. If he votes against a bill, it's as good as dead.

4. Tom Daly

Two other members of MassResistance spoke with staff in Daly's Anaheim office.

Daly has to pay close attention to the interests of his constituents, since his residents are Catholic and pro-family oriented.

Mike McGetrick and Robert Lauten confronted Daly's staff, and they also met with a reporter from the Orange County Register.


California MassResistance is pursuing an ambitious program

We want to inform, influence, and confront every lawmaker in the state on the destructive SB 1146.

Reporters are paying attention, following up on our efforts.

I had spoken with the OC Register reporter earlier in the day, and then directed them to speak with Mike and Robert.

As more lawmakers recognize that We the People do not want our rights infringed upon, these elected officials will recognize that they need to stop attacking us and start attacking the crime, corruption, and outright dysfunction eroding the state of California from the inside out.

First Amendment rights are non-negotiable, and California MassResistance will continue putting on the pressure until our elected officials relent and respect our wishes.

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