Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Huntington Park City Council--July 5th, 2016

After the past month, I have a greater sense of efficacy when it comes to political activism.

Many protesters target bad politicians and bad decisions.

However, we cannot ignore the necessary means of power in local jurisdications.

Angry voters are the best way to create former politicians.

Despite the trying traffic from the South Bay to South Eastern Los Angeles County, I arrived with time to spare. So did other members of We the People Rising.

Our numbers are diverse and impressive, regardless of the time of year.

Residents in the city have contacted me for the past eleven months, thanking me for all the work that We the People Rising have been doing.

It's just a matter of time, now. Two of the arroganct Corruptitos, Karina Macias and Jhonny Pineda, have vocally defied our efforts, as though we are wearing down. Truly, though, their patience and endurance is wearing thin, judging by their increased demand to flee the city council chambers as soon as possible.

Mayor Ortiz routinely interrupts speakers during public comment right at their end of their three minutes. She can't wait to get rid of us.

No matter how hard they may try, We the People Rising are going nowhere.

Finally, I am beginning to respect the  dreadful necessity to connect illegal immigration and the murders of Kate Steinle, Marcello Bisarello, and many others.

The fact is, and U.S. Senator Pat Toomey explained this consistently, those Americans did not have to die, if those sanctuary cities had simply obeyed the rule of law.

I cannot imagine the pain that the parents of Kate Steinle, or the children of two police officers killed by illegals, must feel from year to year. This rampant, reckless evil cannot go on any longer. The more law enforcement departments comply with federal law and cooperate with immigration authorities, the better this country will be.

July 1, 2016 was the first anniversary of Kate Steinle's death, and we commemorated her at Huntington Park City Council.

Before the meeting, we targeted former mayor Karina Macias. She is up for re-election, and she needs to be fired.

New security measures have been implemented, so visitors to city hall have to sign in. The chief of police did tell me, however, that visitors do not have to sign in after 5:30pm. Of course they don't. If anyone is attending a city council meeting, they do not have to sign in or provide information about who they are (Brown Act).

We the People Rising brought their posters, T-shirts, and banners.

I wish we had thought of bringing all the signage associated with the Remembrance Project sooner. Every city, every city council which aids and abets lawlessness and illegal immigration also has blood on their hands.

They should be ashamed of themselves.

The city council meeting raced through presentations and awards.

Before public comment, the Huntington Park K-9 Division received recognition for its anti-narcotics efforts. There is only one dog, a black Labrador named Kilo. The HP detective led him on search and sniff in front of the city council dais.

I could not help wondering when the dog was going to start barking at Los Cuatro Corruptitos. They have been pushing marijuana onto the city, even though the residents dont' want it. They must be smoking something!

Then public comment came.

Residents spoke about the crime problems in the city. Crime has not gotten better. Much of the city still looks like a ghetto.

Two members of We the People Rising ripped up the city council, particularly Karina Macias, for her comments that we are racist.

What a lie. Chanell Temple was there to remind them that our group is regional with diverse members from all over, with different backgrounds. Business owners in the city as well as residents joined in our memorial to Kate Steinle at the end of the meeting:

Betty Robinson have a moving speech to honor Steinle, to urge the city council to rescind the appointments of the two illegal aliens to the city commissions, and then she publically shared her hope that the U.S. Senate would pass two bills ending sanctuary cities for illegal aliens.

Robin Hvidston confronted the city council with the Remembrance Quilt. Police officers, mothers, fathers have died at the hands of reprobate illegal aliens. Children have become orphans because of these criminal actions.

The Huntington Park City Council members have found these revelations very disturbing.

One young Hispanic boy, Ruben Morfin, was murdered by an illegal alien who had been hiding from the authorities in ... Huntington Park:

When will this offensive, arbitrary lawlessness end?

Councilman Valentin Amezquita addressed his colleagues last.

He called on them to follow through on enforcing the rule of law, especially traffic codes. Drivers have been speeding through stop signs without stopping. Bicyclists are still cluttering up the streets and crossing against traffic.

The police are not citing these offenders. Should anyone be surprised how much the city has declined in the last twenty years?

Amezquita also informed the council and the audience that Nick the Greek has not yet been able to sell his property because prospective buyers fear the frustration and lawlessness of the neighbor mortuary. The councilman holds out interest for housing Nick the Greek's Americana treasures in a city building as part of a museum.

I look forward to that day!

Final Reflection

The city council members had very little to share in response to public comment from the audience, including from We the People Rising.

Macias kept her mouth shut during the entire period. She must have felt some sense of shame--at last--for calling people racist. Let's not forget her contemptuous tenure as mayor.

Then Jhonny Pineda spoke.

He informed us that he would not take back his decision to appoint the two illegal aliens to city commissions.

OH YES HE WILL! They are starting to blink!

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