Friday, July 29, 2016

Assemblyman David Hadley (R-Torrance) Explains Why NOT to Vote for Hillary

Yes, Yes, I know.

Assemblyman David Hadley is not voting for Donald Trump.

That's his decision. I am voting for Donald Trump, and so are a whole bunch of Democrats and thinking Independents.

He's certainly not voting for Hillary Clinton, though.

And he gives a very succinct set of reasons why no one else should, either:

Clinton’s behavior may not make the tabloids, but is arguably even more egregious [than Trump's]. She clearly endangered American military and intelligence personnel by failing to safeguard classified emails. My son Jack is a West Point cadet who is majoring in Arabic — the notion that our warriors have been jeopardized by Clinton’s “extreme carelessness” (to quote the FBI) is personally obscene to me.

Obscene. Indeed. How about "Criminal" or "Evil"?!

David's son Jack, on the right

Further, the gusher of money flowing between the Clinton Global Foundation, special interest donors (including many foreign governments), Clinton political allies and the Clintons themselves before, during and after her tenure as secretary of state is incompatible with her duty to advance American interests. Regardless of the consequences, the Clintons have used their political positions and connections to unethically enrich themselves.

Could not have said it better.

This picture speaks for itself, too:

I would advise every Republican in the state of California to copy and paste Hadley's statement and share the information with every Independent, Democrat, and non-affiliated voter.

Please make sure you vote on Nov. 8.

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