Friday, July 29, 2016

Luis Alvarado on PBS: Hispandering CAGOP'er

It's hard to stomach the anti-Republican rhetoric on PBS.

It's even worse hearing it from other Republicans.

California Republican Luis Alvarado was on PBS a few weeks ago.

He is proudly #NeverTrump, and advertises the ascendancy of the Donald as proof positive that all the "hard work" that Republicans have done to recruit Hispanics is for naught.

He is entitled to his opinions, but this country does not need anymore backstabbing elitists who are not paying attention to what is going wrong in our state and our country. This country cannot allow Hillary the Beast to enter the White House.

Hill No!

It is deeply frustrating that a high-class delegate in the state is openly advocating that voters not support Donald Trump. Does he really think that Gary Johnson has a sequoia's chance in New Mexico of becoming the next President of the United States.

As for all the talk about CAGOP work and outreach to Hispanic residents ...

First of all, hispandering is not hard work.

No state should be opening up its borders and granting blanket amnesty anyone.

Second of all, I am meeting more Hispanic residents in California who support Donald Trump. They are conservative. They want full-on family values.

It seems, however, that Republican leadership is just plain bent on being more liberal, calling this lurch to the left an act of "being inclusive.".

Oh brother. Or should I write "Hijole mano!"

Luis Alvarado and Mario Guerra
Illegal immigration, national security, and a pro-American industrial economic agenda are in everyone's best interests.

The Hispanic population in California is intensely diverse, and to  think that everyone of them wants an open border is madness.

However anyone  may characterize immigration reform, more Californians of all backgrounds are weary of crime and corruption throughout the state.

And yet ...

The obsession that the California Republican Party leadership has with amnesty and making nice with illegals is very disconcerting.

We need the rule of law, people, and this is not open for debate.

I appreciated a number of former Downey mayor Mario Guerra's comments. Republicans are dominating the local offices. They should be, They know how to count, They don't take bribes. They don't see local governance as an easy form of money making through kickback schemes.

He also made a very prescient view about the conventions. The Republican Convention was a principled show of unity compared to the Democratic chaos, filled with booing, jeering, heckling, and walk-outs.

Guerra chose not to say whether he would or would not support Trump. I wish that he would have been forthright, but oh well ....

Republicans are doing a great job at the local level. They are dominating. More cities are demonstrating better governance than

I also agreed with Guerra that Hispanic voters are like all over voters--wow, surprise!--they care about other issues, many other issues.

Thank you, Mario!

Most importantly of all, Republicans do not view local governance as an opportunity to push social experimentation. It;s about  ... service.

GROW Elect is working hard getting Republicans into local office is growing.

City residents want balanced budgets and safe cities. Is this really too much to ask? For Democratic elected officialsm the answer is YES YES YES!

Still, though, an obsession with making nice to Hispanics and repeatedly apologizing for Prop 187 remains the order of the day.

And Mr. Alvarado is the face of this.

 He has made it very clear that he supports immigration reform. OK. He won't vote for Trump, and he wants to tear down his chances. You know what? Go away, Luis. Democrats are shifting and voting Republican, and they are voting for Trump. Deal with it.

The Republican has not failed, as much as the elites, the establishment, the play-nice Chamber of Commerce crowd just does not want to listen to the Angry Middle American voter.

I am tired of hearing about amnesty talk.

I would like to ask, though, when the state of California will start taking care of our citizens and naturalized residents?

I listened again to Luis' interview on PBS SoCal with Mario Guerra.

I was offended by a number of comments.

He called assemblyman David Hadley a "Democrat" based on his voting record. Really?! Is that how Republicans are supposed to win? Pretending to be Democrats?  That is not something to advertise. Hadley is trying to win in a swing district. Very swing district.

That does not mean that we should further announce his challenges.

The two guests made no efforts to slam David Nazar's slanted and petty "interviews" with left-wing Democratic voters in Boyle Heights.

Give me a break.

Alvarado is a consultant. The consultant class in California is all about making money and making nice to just get by. That is not working in this state.

I am ashamed and disgusted with Mr. Alvarado's self-hate against the California Republican Party.

He is entitled not to vote for Trump, but for him to keep throwing conservatives and concerned citizens across the country on this issue is just plain wrong.

I am tired of being shamed, and tired of seeing the Republican Party maligned without any fight-back over the Hispanic vote, the minority vote, blah blah blah

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