Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Ghost-Busted! Why Is Everyone Angry About Women Ghostbusters?

There’s a new Ghostbusters Movie hitting the ghastly screens this weekend.

No one has seen it, and it sounds as if no one is going to see it, either.

What’s going on?

This new Ghostbusters installment has four women playing the same roles as the original 1984 cast.

Why am I hearing so much about a retread movie?

The general consensus about this film is that progressive left is further infiltration every aspect of our culture, telling us we need to get used to a woman, a set of minorities whatever else in every aspect of our lives.

The degradation of pop culture as well as the fine arts because of this vapid yet destructive cultural Marxism is extremely disconcerting.

Equality at all costs is being shoved down our throats. We have to accept multiculturalism whole sale, even if bad cultures are ruining, undermining good ones.

Differences of opinion are being treated like a criminal element. Right and wrong have no value, and matters of taste are turning into matters of indifference.

Movies still have to be entertaining, however, or people will not watch them.

People do not go to the movies so that they can be told to love and adore a fascist, repressive ideology which has no bearing on reality. They want to have a good time.

And as everyone knows, progressives don't want anyone to have any fun.

So, what has turned so many heads toward disdain for this movie?

The first trailer for this Ghostbusters chick flick was very poorly received.

After 35 million views, the video has four times as many dislikes as likes.

There are a whole bunch of reasons why people did not like the video and why many more are not going to like the movie.

James Rolfe, the Angry Video Game Nerd, shared in his own persona that the film does not distinguish itself as a different part of the franchise. The producers and marketers dress up the movie as an original all to itself.

But it's not.

The 1984 movie is a cult classic. There is no touching this. There is no remaking it with four women in the lead roles, as if the original never happened.

Second of all, there are so many attached to the original, that any kind of remake is just plain wrong. How can anyone top or overcome something that was good enough thirty-something years ago?

Despite the thirty year gap, new audiences are enjoying the old movies.

In part because they have better style and substance. No matter how nice and glittery, the 2016 redo of the classics is just doo-doo, and much ado about nothing.

A distinct lack of originality is eating away at Hollywood.

Not only that, but this girlie version of the Ghostbusters is all silly slapstick. The 1984 original depended on research of the paranormal, and tracked characters who interacted accurately--as much as one could imagine--with creepy ghosts and ghouls.

The new movie has four relative unknowns whom many do not recognize as funny in any way.

Corporate Hollywood has lost touch with their audience, much like our politicians and other cultural leaders.

Now, comes the rebuttal ....

The critics of the critics claim that they are just a bunch of misogynistic hatred. They can't stand to see women in power and strength.

The funny thing is, though, that the woman in Ghostbusters keep trying to act like ... men.

This resort to identity politics has worked in the past against elected officials and government bureaucrats.

But there is one big problem -- it won't work against individual consumers. It's their money, and they will not be shamed into spending it on a movie that they do not want to watch.

Why are we being subjected to a retread with an all-female cast? It's so obvious.

They are trying to get audience members to embrace this progressive leftist agenda.


Sorry, but I am not all that interested in watching this Ghostbusters retread. It really has nothing to do with the women in it, or the fact that it's more glitzy or less. I am not really all enmeshed in the left-right political drama, either.

So, What's the Problem?

Why are people getting angry about a movie? Aren't there more serious, more pertinent, more pressing issues to get upset about?!

We have Christians facing genocide in the Middle East.

A rogue in the White House ignores federal law, endangers police officers, incite racial destruction and violence.

College students are graduating with huge debt and no jobs to help pay for any of it.

Why are we fighting about a video?

There is One Good Thing ...

The Ghostbusted phenomenon is proving that the progressive left is hitting a brick wall.

Their brazen attempts to shake down Western culture and civilization are getting outed--and rejected.

In that regard, the downfall of the Girl Ghostbusters is a win.

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