Wednesday, July 6, 2016

My Comments to HP City Council, July 5th, 2016--Fire Macias!!

Good Evening Huntington Park City Council:

My name is Arthur Schaper, a member of We the People Rising, and a Proud American.

Let me list for you—and the city residents—the Top Ten Reasons why Karina Macias should be fired in 2017, and the rest of you should be tossed out with her.

(And it has nothing to do with Item #3, since Item #3 is about HP Tow)

·         You have given city contracts to friends and political allies.
·         You are voting for payments to city commissioners who are your family members, without recusing yourselves.
·         You have brought in marijuana dispensaries, despite the repeated opposition from residents in the city.
·         The crime rates are out of control in the city, and code enforcement is lacking in our communities.
·         You removed two citizens—myself and Dr. Robert Newman—for exercising our First Amendment rights.
·         Karina was already demoted from her VP position following her corrupt misuse of the city seal to promote her chosen candidates.
·         You have routinely refused to uphold the rule of law on your streets. Bicyclists cut through traffic, and drivers routinely ignore Stop Signs.
·         The city is facing a $350 million pension liability, and you have done nothing to address this waste of funds. In fact, your spending has only made it worse. There has been no comprehensive audit to correct this massive budget crisis.
·         You hastily attempted to cancel the HP Tow contract, even though you have all benefited from their political donations. The city has incurred another lawsuit because
·         You have raised city fees for sports and other activities.
·         You have cut funding from Fiesta Taxi and other transportation services for those in greatest need in your communities.
·         You have served as a wicked example to the youth in your city, who should have honorable role models to look up to.
·         You appointed two illegal aliens to city commissions, in flagrant violation of federal law.
·         You are promoting anti-life, anti-family agendas, from your award to an openly homosexual priest to your promotion of transgender activism, which is out of concert with Biblical values
·         You have repeatedly violated your oath of office every day that you walk into this city council chambers. Rampant perjury cannot go unpunished.
·         Many of you are carpet-baggers who did not live in the city before you’re an for office.

I said Ten reasons. I ended up listing Fifteen, er Sixteen. I think that the city residents the idea. And they will let you know how they feel at Election Time.

Thank you.

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