Friday, July 8, 2016

U.S. Senator Mark Kirk On Protecting Christians Around the World

This is a surprising turn.

U.S. Senator Mark Kirk (R-IL), is the most endangered incumbent in this election cycle.

He faces a strong headwind from the Presidential Election.

The Democratic machine is running full force in Illinois.

Kirk is a Republican, although he votes liberal on contentious issues, and has continued to buck the Republican Party on key appointments as well as the Supreme Court vacancy following Scalia's tragic death.

For this election cycle, Kirk is hugging center-left positions for the past six months.

He will not endorse Donald Trump for President. He has openly repudiated the Top Ticket candidate.

Kirk will most certainly avoid attending the RNC Convention in Cleveland, Ohio.

He is pro-abortion, pro-homosexual marriage.

When the conservatives manifest muscle in the U.S. Senate, he often sides with the liberals.

His challenger is another veteran, Congresswoman Tammy Duckworth, who defeated out-spoken Tea Party conservative Joe Walsh.

Two vets challenging each other on who can provide better services for veterans and poor, urban communities will prove every interesting.

So far, Kirk has hammered Duckworth on her blind allegiance to bringing in unvetted Syrian refugees.

Her poor leadership as a VA administrator may haunt her, but not daunt her bid for the U.S. Senate.

Kirk is stressing his national security bonafides, too.

His latest eblast hallmarks his dedication to devastated Christian communities in the Middle East.

Dear Friend,

Christian communities in northern Iraq have been devastated by violence from ISIS and other radical extremists. I am often stirred by firsthand accounts of the horrors faced by this community and other religious minorities in Iraq and Syria.

Someone in the U.S. Senate cares about the Christians in the Middle East.

I do appreciate that he cares about this global crisis.

Kirk's voting record has not aligned well with conservative, Christian principles, but at least he is making better efforts toward doing what is better for the world at large.

U.S. Senator Mark Kirk

As a result of my deep concern for these vulnerable religious and ethnic minorities, I successfully advocated for programs to assist vulnerable Iraqi ethnic and religious minorities in this year’s Department of State and Foreign Operations appropriations bill.

OK. I hope that our government does not lose focus on doing what is best for Americans.

Christian Assyrians in northern Iraq have lived in the Nineveh Plains for thousands of years. They deserve to live in peace and security on the land that they’ve cultivated for generations. Christian Assyrians have been our friends in the fight against ISIS and we must honor this relationship. That’s why I required the State Department to report on progress toward the creation of the Nineveh Plains province and formulate a strategy to provide critical military aid to these vulnerable minority groups.

A diverse number of peace-loving ethnic communities need support in the region. We should not neglect focusing on a proper partition of Ira to reflect ethnic distinctions.

These steps are designed to follow through on our commitments to these vulnerable Christians and the protection of religious freedoms around the world. Despite the unimaginable suffering at the hands of ISIS, these communities display inspiring resolve to protect their ancestral lands. In the face of genocide, I am committed to support and protect victimized communities like the Christians of northern Iraq.

Protecting religious freedoms around the world--who would have thought that Freedom of Conscience would face so many despicable attacks? 

Not just in the Middle East.

Not just in Russia.

But even here in the United States!

Final Reflection

Mark Kirk has to strive for as much of a center-right coalition to stay competitive in the race.

He defeated a broken, conflicted Democratic challenger in 2010.

The Tea Party wave, which started in the Chicago stock exchange, definitely swept him into office,

He stressed attention to fiscal discipline. He has wanted to carve out a socially liberal agenda in Illinois politics, too. Bruce Rauner won the governorship in part because of his connections with Kirk.

Christians do need protection, but not just around the world.

Here in the United States, Christians are getting sued, forced out of business, losing their jobs, or facing heavy fines because they adhere to their Biblical views.

Hopefully, Kirk will reach out and ensure the rights and needs of all Americans.

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