Friday, July 1, 2016

Ricardo Lara: Anti-Christian Bigot (Protest!)

State Senator Ricardo Lara (D-Bell, Long Beach) is the epitome of a machine politician.

(California is over-run with them!)

He does the bidding of special interests, with no regard for the public interest. Even the uber-liberal LA Weekly could not avoid exposing Lara’s corrupting connections.

Senator Lara even despises public opinion, particularly dissent. He forced out a group of protesters from an open forum in South Gate, California last year.

What an irony, that his career in politics began with upending the incredible corruption in Bell, California, where working class Latinos were gouged by the thousands to pay six-figure salaries to the city council, the city clerk, and the face of the scandal, city manager Robert Rizzo.

They have all been pushed off to jail, and the city is barely regaining its financial footing,
But Lara has scaled the political ranks, from Los Angeles Commissions to the state assembly.
And now a state senator, sitting on the powerful budget committee.

He is the face and force for hyper-amnesty, eroding the necessary distinction between citizen and illegal alien.

He has also launched a serious agenda to push the homosexual agenda into greater facets of Californians’ everyday lives.

Another irony: for a politician who represents a vastly Latino population, his views and values not only run contrary, but confront to diminish the pro-life, pro-family values of many of his constituents.

In some cities.

His latest legislative travesty is California Senate Bill 1146.

This legislation, from origin to current amendments, has been geared toward marginalizing Christian colleges. Currently, Bible-based institutions of learning apply for a waiver from Title IX of the Civil Rights Act, in regards to discrimination based on sex.

Why does this matter? And why should this waive remain intact? Because the Obama Administration and the destructive anti-family agenda of the left is dead-set on redefining terms, and expanding “sex” to include homosexual conduct and transgenderism.

Lara’s intent is clear: shame Christian colleges in California, expose them to lawsuits, force them to install transgender bathrooms, and remove the greater mission of these colleges: the preaching of the Gospel and the establishment of Biblical values in our society.

His bill has already passed out of the state senate, and is now headed for the California State Assembly’s judiciary committee. Already tuned into the statewide revolt against this revolting intrusion against our First Amendment rights, Lara and the committee postponed their hearing on the bill from June 28th to June 30th. California conservatives have seen this legislative two-step before. A floor vote in the morning, a committee hearing in the afternoon, a month-long recess follows, and by then the most concentrated and focused pro-family activists have subsided their efforts …
And the bill passes to Governor Brown, where he signs it and catches everyone off guard. Something like this happened with the California assisted-suicide bill last year.

This time, a growing cohort of concerns Christians are waking up, and rousing the rest of the Body of Christ to stand up to this anti-life, anti-biology, anti-Christian bigotry.

California MassResistance is on the job, and we will be confronting Senator Lara’s staff at his Long Beach office on June 29th.

Pastors and parishioners throughout the Southern California region have been informed and are ready to demand this bill be pulled. Not only that, but we are going on the offense, demanding full protections for the First Amendment and an end to this intolerant homosexual agenda.

If you cannot join us in the protest, we urge you to contact the members of the State Assembly, and tell them to vote it down and kill this bill!

Let’s be blunt.

The LGBT movement is not about individual liberty, but collective tyranny.

It’s not about “Love is Love”, but rather self-hatred due to sin transformed into rage at God’s good and just order.

It’s not about helping men and women to find themselves, but rather a disturbing fraud which is leading all too many young people astray, all while destroying the family and aggrandizing the state.

State Senator Ricardo Lara has become too big for his britches, convinced that life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness do not apply those who disagree with the Regressive Left’s Agenda.

Let’s send him and all the other illiberal Democratic machine politicians in California, From San Francisco to San Diego, a loud and clear message.

Vote No on SB 1146

Stop attacking life, biology, and Christians! Let us worship God in grace and truth, and stop the anti-Bible hate!

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